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  1. Maybe I am being too negative....... I just think that there have been strides made here.... Throwing a wet sock on EVERY comment doesnt seem to be the best approach........
  2. I have no idea if you are a Colts fan or not. I dont know if they pay moderators You just come off as REALLY negative..... every possible improvement....... and you poo poo or down play it...... I think you would be the ONLY person on this forum that hasn't seen at least a little improvement A little improvement in certain areas can make a LOT of difference A little more pass rush..... can equate to more 3 and outs A little better running attack.... we get the first down vs missing it A little more offensive firepower, keeps the drives alive and the defense "fresher" But
  3. I say he was an average Safety in Atlanta Not All Pro Not Pro Bowl Not Great But an AVERAGE NFL safety Landry was well below average last year To me, again..... not an expert..... just an old dude behind a computer screen, who watches alot of football Would rather have a great Safety..... one wasnt available I will take average everyday over PEDMAN Its an area of improvement.......... even if its marginal
  4. For a moderator on a Colts fan board..... you may be a bit too pessimistic For fairness sake, lets say I am overly optimistic, and lets say, for a Colts fan, (if you are one) you are a bit pessimistic I have pointed out 6 areas of improvement (I truly doubt EVERY negative thing you have to say is going to happen) Lets say its only 3 areas of improvement. This was a very good team last year. We won 2 playoff games Our biggest rival in the AFC lost some key players, and their QB is one year older The 3 things COULD be enough to get us into the SB
  5. Just curious....... Why do you think Lowery will be pretty bad? In comparison, I think PED man was one of the worst that has every played last year We also have a rookie that may start as well as McDonald....... All SHOULD be better......
  6. We obviously disagree on Redding. Which is fine....... (I am not the be all, end all NFL talent evaluator) But, in my very humble opinion, he was getting pushed off the line more than previous years He was owned most of the Pats game. Again....... dont dislike the guy......... he was a locker room, team leader
  7. Now.......... If we would just GAMEPLAN a bit better.......... and adjust DURING the game........ This could be a SB team for a few years in a row......
  8. I will be honest, at first I didnt like the Dorsett pick..... but its grown on me. I have this gut feel that Anderson will be special in this league.... Anyone who does too much complaining about where this team is vs last year isnt really paying attention (Or.... just likes to argue )
  9. Probably (You cant guarantee a Rookie's success) SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER than the 2014 Colts Dont forget, we were the AFC championship finalist, A VERY good team to start with. The team that beat us...... lost some significant contributors. (Revis, Wolfork) The Colts didn't lose ANY significant contributors Lets compare some areas WRs In the playoffs we had just one WR that the other teams feared, or had to account for With the addition of Johnson, and now Dorsett, as well as getting Moncrief another camp to learn On paper, this is the deepest WR group in the NFL. ....
  10. My grade is ......... incomplete Grading on potential is tough It sort of like grading a stack of unused lottery tickets...... you will only know if the lottery tickets are good when they are actually used. I was surprised with some picks, but our team, "on paper" got better My favorite pick was Anderson........ I think he will be a star
  11. I think the key to this is the improvement to an already strong football team Overall we are a better team then we were last year I am excited about next year
  12. He said... I will play wherever they want me to He PROBABLY is as good as what we have back there
  13. He is a bit short for it, but he said that he "played safety alot" last year Probably not, but I wonder............
  14. I was surprised by the pick But... to be honest.... we couldnt get anyone open against the Pats Not TY, Not Moncrief, Not Reggie, not our TEs This is a DIFFERENT way to beat the Pats TY was covered up with a high / low That ties up 2 defensive players If we have another top end guy, that HAS to be covered in the same way, you have now tied up 4 defensive players to cover 2 offensive players When this happens, you can probably get some underneath routes to the TEs going. The crossing routes from the inside WR, now may be "more" open than they were before....... Lastly...
  15. Who knows what will happen. But.... If the Colts truly want Coleman....Many sources say they do........ They will have to take him with their number 1 (Thats way too early IMHO) Or, they will have to trade some later picks to get back to the mid second round where many, if not most, people see him going. He will be gone before our pick in round two. I saw one article, where a writer said that trading to the mid second round and picking up Coleman was an option. An option that very well may happen.......... If you do the point value, you have to give up a few picks to move there........
  16. I agree 9 picks With our current team we dont have room for 6 I can see a move that gives us an extra 2nd
  17. As you can see from my previous posts, we disagree with pick one , but I like the rest The DL weakness scares me a bit
  18. "Could use more creativity once he gets to the second level?????" "Less Creative than most....." Are they talking about a football player or a painter The guy was amazing when he got past the LOS. I have the popcorn out on this one, and hope the Colts can pick him up, but I fear he is gone before we pick in round 2 Four days from now, we will really understand how the Colts feel about the RB position I am still betting we go QB, P, and K....... THEN BPA
  19. BPA AND fills a need Not BPA by itself......... If talent is similar....... Agree 1000% percent
  20. Chris Hinton was every bit as good as Tarik (IMHO) I think Castanzo can get there as well
  21. 2 Points 1) If you use Mewhort (or keep Cherilus) on the RT spot you dont have to use the important 1st pick on RT (It allows a MUCH needed pass rusher, S, or DL to be selected.. or BPA.. from those three groups) If we go OT in the draft we STILL need players to fill these 3 roles...... it didnt get better. The pick now becomes a round later.... and is less likely to be a factor.... we need a factor..... this year..... I am not so sure a rookie OT will be immediately a factor at RT. He would probably ride the bench 2) It doesnt have to be a power running game (but Mr Gore..... coming o
  22. We made some STUPID decisions in the early years in Indianapolis This trade killed us for 3-4 years The richardson trade was painful, like having A tooth pulled out The George debacle was like having ALL of the teeth pulled out We lost an excellent LT in Hinton, a very good receiver in Rison...... and the picks that COULD have gone for real players...... George was an * that the team hated
  23. Also...... anyone remember Chris Hinton? He started the first year at guard, learned the pro game, and was an excellent tackle for the Colts...... Before we GAVE hime away to get Jeff George ):
  24. We will see. AC is going no where...... He will be franchised at least, at best he will signed to a long term contract I don't see that as a valid point for a discussion. Gosder may well be done, or not.... I dont know but my answer is not to use a first round pick on his replacement....... IF he isnt ready to go..... I am no expert, but to me... IMHO, the MOST proven thing on this roster as a candidate for RT, (if Gosder cant go) is Mewhort. I would add that any rookie is a gamble. Especially to start this year. The question to you is ........ do you trust a rookie OVER Mewhor
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