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  1. I think Wilfork isnt a lock...... he was very good.... but a lock for HOF? I dont know about that I forgot about Gronk, and you may be right. But..... he needs 4-5 years more of amazing production to be considered I just dont know about Edge.... I want him to be there.... but...... put the number more like 10%. He needed more time in his role than he had IMHO He also had some very average years after the injury that hurt him
  2. Some quick questions Is Brady a HOF QB without BB? Is Terry Bradshaw a HOF QB.... without the other 7 HOFs?
  3. I give him a smaller chance (20-25%)
  4. I was thinking about the Colts in the HOF, and came to Colts - late 50s, early 60s - 6 players Looking at some other teams Cowboys - 70's era - 7 players in HOF Cowboys - 90's era - 5 players in HOF Steelers - 70's era - 9 players in HOF 49ers - 90s era - 5 players in HOF Bears - 90s era - 3 player in HOF Looking ahead: I see Peyton as a first ballot HOF. I see Marvin Harrison making it in at some point I think Wayne is 50/50 I think Vinateri is 50/50 The teams that win many SBs or have a long record of great success will do well on the HOF (No Duh) But something ver
  5. Another quick point Watching some tape of Anderson, I am noticing, how much movement that David Parry has from the NT position. I can see him having an great impact, and rotating in on passing downs that we didnt have last year. Parry is a shorter than normal NT, and it would seem a taller OL player may have difficulty getting pad level correct to block him. Chapman had almost no push or penetration on passing downs, and in many cases, was handled one on one. IMHO, he just isnt more than a rotational player for the Colts. Looking forward to seeing Parry contibute this year...
  6. Fitting into a car aside....... Having this proven run stopper not have an injury will be HUGE for this defense.... He was a stationary body last year...... That wasnt enough Having a high ankle sprain is an enormously limiting injury. They just don't heal, when you keep playing on them. I have had them before, and they take forever to heal, just from walking on them.... let alone trying to play on them. This is just one of the areas that I just cant help thinking that we are going to be much better in Yes.... my glass is half full
  7. The guy has a motor........ There is a guy that actually moves...... number 58, on that video........ He didnt get the sack...... but he was close....... I wonder who that guy is ? I wish we would have drafted him as well...... Chapman just seems to SIT.........
  8. I agree with everything you say.......... Many folks cant remember all the crap QBs that the franchise has had in the "dark years" Manning MADE the Indy Colts! I think Manning will always have the heart of Indianapolis Gary Hogeboom? Jeff George.......? LOL ........... We have been blessed to have 2 QBs in a row that are elite Can you imagine being a Titan or a Jaguar fan? We all like to debate the latest Colts moves, in good natured ribbing....... BUT I enjoy having a team that is actually close to the SB almost every year.......
  9. The first year Manning left...... I was conflicted...... I wanted the Colts to win.... but for the first year, hoped Manning would win another SB..... Now........ its all COLTS!!
  10. We need depth....... hopefully he can step up his game Odds are...... we will have someone nicked up
  11. Watt had a better 40 time coming out 4.8 vs 5 Watt had a better 3 Cone at 6.88 vs 7.2 Anderson did have a better 20 yard shuttle at 4.19 vs 4.21 Watt, IMHO will end up being a HOF player Anderson will be MUCH better than his draft position Watt is an amazing talent, Anderson isnt in the same league........... But Give Anderson the next two offseasons to build some muscle and lose some baby fat I think he will be the best DL player the Indy have had (in the 3-4)
  12. I didnt see it.... thanks for posting it This kid will be good I am starting to really like this draft
  13. He will stretch the defense I see AJ owning the underneath routes as the two blazers take the top of the defense away..... After a few long passes, Gore will be running against dime packages..... (A dream of the big back) It will be a great thing! This offense will be amazing IMHO
  14. That sounds like a positive post........ Its funny you compared Anderson to Watt...... (Even if he was the poor mans Watt) I was watching tape on him, and thought the exact thing.... one guy cant block him..... he is very active, and has great short burst I think he may be the steal of this draft Obviously not at Watts level..... yet
  15. Watching the video, the kid can play He is an enforcer type that we havent had for awhile
  16. Folks.... Imagine the mismatches that he creates when he does come on the field. Imagine how tired the DBs are going to be when chasing our two speedsters around I think he will get plenty of rotations during the game....... Give the guy a chance...... he is a game breaker...... he had a freshman QB throwing to him last year...... In my book, Anderson will be better than MANY of the late first and early second round picks. (Watch his video) We improved the defense (4of5 picks on defense)..... and drafted a play maker on offense as well it will be ok...... We got bette
  17. The people that I feel would be upset are Carter - He chose the Colts over other teams, because he thought he would have more of a chance Moncrief - He will have less touches this year. That has to be disappointing Johnson - MAYBE he is upset.... he left the Texans die to a lesser role...... Someone probably said....... Your fine, you will get the touches. In fact, I bet you see Johnson run wild with underneath routes with the two speedsters on the field If I am Moncrief and Carter...... probably not happy But...... I am sure they will get over it. This offense should be amaz
  18. It may be much tougher to make the team this year.......... vs past
  19. If you think about it...... IMHO, Reitz BARELY covered the easier RT spot when called upon We are in trouble, major trouble if we lost our LT or QB I don't see anyone that can play LT (at least well) on this roster if we have an injury.......
  20. Geathers hits like a truck We have needed that type of player since Bob Sanders PEDman missed like a truck........ "you could feel the wind on you....." Lets hope he picks up the game quickly
  21. Mewhort may stay in that role..... (LG) Its just interesting with the timing and them not going RT in the draft
  22. Interesting comments from Jim from SBNation on Saturday "along these lines, the comments of owner Jim Irsay on Saturday are particularly interesting. "We're trying to figure out right tackle,'' Irsay said, per FOX59's Mike Chappell. "We could make an adjustment internally on who's playing where as we go into training camp." Is he referring to Jack Mewhort, who could slide outside to right tackle while someone else fills in at left guard? That's certainly possible, and in fact it might be the most likely option. " With them NOT drafting a RT for at least depth...... it makes you wonder
  23. A couple of more comments Initially, I thought the 29th was going Collins or Goldman...... or...... we would trade to early 2nd. and possibly still get one or the other I also think that we may add one or two FAs before the season Though we may done, and we may be significantly better, I still think we need another FA Nose Tackle to compete for a roster spot I still think we need another FA RB to compete for a roster spot there should be some cuts after June 1 Lastly If I am Pags.... I worry if our LT goes down...... we have no solid depth
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