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  1. Think about the great 3-4 defenses. They always had a very good to great NT Its a missing link to the monster that was planned I hope Hughes and Kerr can step it up, if they done make this change.
  2. He does get some double teams, but he gets plenty of one on one blocks as well, he has trouble getting penetration on either. He just gets handled..... He gets moved out of the hole.... again and again A ILB "needs" a solid NT to at least redirect and or slow down the RB. A NT doesnt need to get the stats..... when he does his job the LBs get tackles A lighter ILB like we have with Freeman gets constantly pounded (and injured) , because the RB is up to full speed when he hits the LOS. Our ILBs get tackles after the RB has the gain..... not a great thing. Watch the really good
  3. Chapman gets mauled..... many times by a single blocker
  4. Anderson is first ballot HOF........... Didnt you get the memo?
  5. I am starting to wonder if these 3 (Jones at NT) will end up being our primary starters on the DL They would seem to be our 3 best DL players I was happy when we drafted Chapman..... but I just dont see the progression Thoughts ?
  6. If this defense gets just a little better, (I think we have with Langford, and others) and.. our OL gels just a bit We ARE going to be very tough to beat
  7. I think if Swoope develops into a solid pro, and if the WRs come along, one of our TEs may be on the trading block in the near future How many TEs should a team carry, especially if the 3 wideout sets start to become the norm
  8. Hopefully we get a healthy year We had way too many key players at less than 100% Its amazing that we were one game from the SB keeping fingers crossed for 2015 (Maybe we are due a break.....)
  9. I wonder how much longer the Colts will keep working with him. I hope he makes it, but at some point he has to make the transition I think this may be his last year to prove it
  10. The big questions is.... Can Mewhort move a 300 to 345lb NT or DT out of the way to allow a hole for the running back to go through? From my observation, he couldn't unless he was part of a double team. He was able to maintain the block, but was not able to push the interior D-lineman back, or even to the side. I am a HUGE Buckeye fan and a huge Colts fan......... However...... Mewhort was NOT an asset to our running attack and whether its liked or not, he was part (or contributed to) of the problem in our OL for not running the ball well. He can pass block (maintain) with almost anyo
  11. Someone else posted this a few months ago .... This shouldnt be that big of a suprise........ IF they drop Cherilus. (I am not 100% sure they do) If Cherilus comes back healthy, I think all goes back to before But..... A few thoughts: The reality is, it is almost always harder to find quality Tackles than OGs Mewhort has the build of a tackle Mewhort played LT in College Almost all of the draft "experts" stated that he would move to RT in the pros (I dont remember one draft writeup that listed him as a future guard) Mewhort IS NOT a pile mover...... he just isn't.... he
  12. Ty Law was excellent against Peyton He was a great player.... buy HOF? I dont know
  13. I think this is key The Colts seemed to like Coleman But...... didnt think that he was worth an early 3rd They met with the kid and worked him out, and showed at his pro day They knew this prospect better than any of us....... by a mile I do think that Coleman will be special, but......... I like who we have
  14. I thought Coleman would have been a good fit here...... But starting to like Robinson more and more....... And......... I like our round 2 and 3 guys..... (I thought Coleman was NOT a round 1 guy)
  15. Whoa Nellie, I like Pagano..... I will repeat, I am not looking for a replacement. Pagano didnt just show up at the Colts organization after bagging groceries He has been an NFL coach for 12 years in different roles, and had been coaching since 1984 If you look through my posts..... you will see I am 95% positive on my Colts This is a "5% area" that needs to be addressed Its more of an area of being consistent I don't see the game prep results...... although... I may (I am many times... ask my wife) be wrong on this
  16. A healthy Freeman, Jones, and Mathis, IMHO will help. If you think about going into the year and having these three out, or at 70%........... These 3 were being counted on to be the backbone of the 2014 Colts Now they will all be back for the 2015 season...... along with our other improvements And SOMEONE........ needs to step up and surprise... Hughes? Chapman? Werner? Rookies? Hughes has had major personal issues (Loss of child last year) I think he puts it together this year Hughes may be the reason that we didnt draft a new NT this year. This team CAN be very good We p
  17. Can I get some sweet-and-low, with this cup of smugness? Just kidding.......
  18. I agree, I also do think we will be better I agree with you on the defense, but dont believe that we need a top 5 defense to win the SB Top 10?-- top 15? However, the Offense wasnt ready a few of the games last year We seem to be losing the chess game part of this.... more than we should
  19. One of the things that I hope we do better this year is game preparation and mid game adjustments I see Pagano as a great motivator and because of his positive approach, players want to come to Indy. This talent is important to help build and keep a good team together. However.... the elephant in the room is still there We have too many games where we are completely unprepared for another team. Great teams don't lose to other teams, the way we lost to Pittsburgh, NE (2 times), and the Cowboys An "off" game or two per year can be expected from even great teams....... but 4?
  20. I am of the belief........Lowery is an improvement over Mr Ped............. We just got better at one of the safety spots.... I think that is the true acid test We cant have all pros at every position people (Nor can we afford it) Geathers may be a steal....... time will tell The logic is sound to get some improvement even if its in 2-3 areas (I think they have improved the AFC's 2nd best team in 5-6 areas) It may be enough to move by team #1......... the future seems bright
  21. Pagano does positive "coach speak" to a new level....... Its actually at a ridiculous level You almost have to fully discount every player evaluation he does........ "rolling ball of plastic picnic knives" might have been more appropriate for our Richardson ... and then,,, the plastic picnic knives would feel insulted......
  22. It would be nice.... They deserve it.... but I think they miss out to players in bigger markets that get more media attention If Mathis has another amazing year or two (Please, oh please) He could.
  23. The Vikings had six HOF, from those 70s teams (FYI..... I forgot to include the) Does an Archie Manning make the HOF.... if he is drafted by 50% of the other teams.... Maybe If he somehow slips to the Steelers in 71........ And Bradshaw goes to New Orleans..... Does Bradshaw fare worse than Archie Manning? I think so Does Emmitt Smith make the HOF, if he is drafted by another team that hasn't been handed 1000 draft picks for Hershal W, I don't think he does. He used to take his FIRST hit from the defense 3 to 4 yards from LOS............. That line was an amazing thing.
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