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  1. ILB on this team is a tough position We dont have a stout DL in front of them..... Chapman (and others) are getting pushed out of the hole and in many cases, its by one guy. On a team with a strong DL, the RB is forced to slow down and pick a different hole because the DL has partially filled the hole This loss of momentum,is a key element to a LB, and in some ways DBs Tackling a 220 lb RB at full speed is always harder, than taking down the guy, who has slowed down to find another hole The LBs and DBs get injured more when the DL gets shoved around because of this "harder" tackle I am anxious to see what our new DL can do But......... it isnt always the ILBer's fault Freeman as good as Wagner?......... I dont think so But..... Freeman would look BETTER with the DL in Seattle
  2. I am starting to think that Mathis is/was actually better than Freeney It was harder for Mathis to get sacks from the other side, vs the blind side. Freeney was great as a 4-3 DE Mathis was very good / great as a 4-3 DE Mathis is better as an OLB..... IMHO
  3. Its a slow day I was wondering if Mathis would have been allowed to begin his career as a 3-4 OLB, vs a 4-3 DE, what would have occured He had the amazing 20 sack season at OLB, and he seems to have improved on his already excellent performance overall at the new positiion. It just seems that this was his optimum spot Depending on his performance the rest of his career he is at least a remote candidate for HOF. I am starting to think that he would have been a HOF lock if he would have been at that spot all along Thoughts? Get another cup of coffee before you post Deano?
  4. I think you will see a LOT of motion to mess with the defense........... Someone should be open....... ON EVERY PLAY! Then Mr Gore will be running against the nickel and dime DBs............. (Vs extra LBs)
  5. At this point..... I like the pick.....but.... still much to prove I think the whole offense improves as we have 2 guys that can truly stretch the field. Last year, teams put a safety over the top on TY. With another 4.3 guy (Dorset) to worry about, the other safety will have to play deeper This should open some new options with the running game and underneath routes. I am excited about this year.
  6. Sheeze louise The guy is very good...... worth 12 mil........ (That will be his average per year from his upcoming contract that he gets with the COLTS!) Pay the man! Two 4.3 guys blazing by...... who do you double? We will see nickle and dime packages constantly..... Then Gore will do well TY aint goi'n....... NO WHERE.... Cep't....... the END ZONE
  7. I agree with everything except Allen. If he "stays" in the world of injury this year the 5 mil is right on the nose.... but probably with another team If he performs this year, and stay healthy he may go to 7 - 8mil We actually have some great potential at the TE spot Doyle is a good player, that sees the field little due to the TE twosome. I would also like to see what "Mr Basketball" can do as well....... I wouldnt be surprised if Allen or Fleener is traded
  8. This thread is a bit crazy TY is a top 10, maybe top 5 talent at the WR spot....... The hometown "discount" doesn't apply in most cases for people coming off rookie contracts If someone is later in their career, have pocketed some big money, and are established, they may want to stay in the same city and will take a little less TY is a rookie contract.... he will try to get his market value..... this isnt 9 mil.... this isnt 10 mil....... its 11-13M per year The Luck factor is a positive, but his agent didn't start this gig yesterday. TY produced like Dez....look at the numbers,,,,.. he will want similar salary (Wouldnt you?) TY isnt a "bad" guy for wanting to get paid like similar players in the NFL He is one really bad injury on a single play from being out of the league.......... The "hometown discount"..... just doesnt cover that........
  9. Its hard for me to stay excited for the guy to be honest. Lets see the potential play out....... then I will get excited
  10. We need to be able to have a team that can win in the cold and slop, that normally comes in January and February Try a racing bike on an advanced mountain terrain......... the bike that was amazingly fast on clean pavement, now cant function We saw this concept with Peyton, in cold weather, we normally didnt win I think we have improved, but........... can we win in NE in January? I dont know I do think we are better than we were before.......
  11. I hope he makes the team, but...... I didnt see the games where he dominated like other posters. Was that preseason? Definitly not a rag doll...... again.... it might have happened..... I just didnt see this dominance
  12. I think that we HAVE improved this team over last year. I also think that there are still some spots that further help is needed. But..... some of these spots may be filled in by the development of our young guys....... Hopefully We have to give these guys at least a chance to develop into solid pros. I have to say that I am excited to see what Anderson can do for this team......... I think camp will show if we go with a developmental guy, or we try to improve our roster with a camp cut or trade from another team The two spots that could get attention are NT, G........... IMHO, these are the biggest needs, for right now We will see
  13. Your hockey mask will protect you..........
  14. Hall of Fame..... first ballot You guys need to get with the program............
  15. Agree The great TEs can catch the ball with people draped all over them Fleener needs to catch those balls, vs complaining to the refs. To me, Jason Witten (2 years ago) was the role model for TEs Tough as nails, and catches almost everything.... and can block I have high hopes for Fleener, but lets be honest....... he has been used as a WR almost as much as a TE His number of catches arent as impressive, when you constantly see him in the slot I am hoping this is his year...... (Remember its his "money" year......)
  16. $50 on Number 7........ (To show)
  17. Luck look rattled..... But, he was getting pounded as the C, RG, and RT were turnstiles
  18. I watched the Cleveland game again.... The OL needs a boost (or at least options)
  19. Wow, that was ugly It was a road win....... it counted But Luck had a very poor game The OL had a very poor game (See #1) The blocking was horrendous I had forgotton how bad we looked in that game (I couldnt bring myself to watch the Pittsburgh game )
  20. Dez wants a long term deal with a fat guarantee I dont see TY accepting much less
  21. You may be right on timing....... but it wouldnt surprise me at all, if TY.... DIDNT want to do his deal, until Dez gets his...... His agent has played the game before........ USUALLY waiting is the better key
  22. According to local news, Dez stated "13 mil is ok" this past week, so he is looking below Megatron money I think Hilton (his agent) will demand a similar contract I think Hilton will wait til Dez gets his, then start the deeper dialog
  23. The big contract to watch is Dez. Dez and TY numbers are similar, at least last year Dez has a large impact on the Cowboys, TY has a large impact on the Colts I could be wrong, but I wouldnt expect TY to play for much less than Dez gets This is a cold business folks, these players are a quirk play from being out of the game forever. The players like to have the opportunity to play with a great QB, but........ that only goes so far 8-10m isnt going to get the deal done, IMHO I believe the deal gets done closer to 12-13m. AND.......... there IS still money to sign the TEs..........
  24. I think he will get many snaps, but not start..... yet He may come in if someone is running the ball on us well. He may come in, in some nickle packages I am excited by this prospect........ We haven't had a DB enforcer, since Little Bob played.... (when Healthy) Geathers is a thumper!
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