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  1. I think that you may see Reitz back at Guard.......... Good seems to have the talent to play in this league
  2. I think people have visions of success for Mewhort at LG, last year. Folks.... that just didnt happen At LG, Mewhort was great at pass protection.... he shined At LG, Mewhort was extremely weak at the run push.... he had difficulty moving people out of the hole a great deal of difficulty........... With him its a leverage thing. I think the 325-350lbs fatties, he hasnt proven to be able to move........ a need in this type of offense. Our RBs ran into a wall, because there was no hole....... Eric Dickerson wouldnt have been successful behind Mewhort. He also had great difficulty blocking from pulls last year (a need for an NFL guard) Mewhort was part of the problem with our running game last year...... thats just a fact He has more of a build for a tackle. He did well last year in pass protection. He was better than average at left tackle at Ohio State (His spot his final year). He is strong enough to move a 275-300LB DE. He is fast enough to handle these people..... he just needs more practive against the speedsters He was "pants'ed" on the first series....... give him some time to develop to the speed.
  3. Parry gets penetration when blocked one on one Chapman gets zero penetration when blocked one on one Parry was pushed back when double teamed Chapman gets pushed back when double teamed That is enough for me.......
  4. 8 man boxes will get a defense lit up against this team
  5. I think that he will be on the active roster in the 5th WR spot The odds are high that one of the top 4 will be nicked at some point I also think there may be some packages near the end of games where the top 4 need a breather and you will see him Overhyped?....... a little Has he had a chance in games?..... not really the passes that he has recieved in game time stunk
  6. I agree I do believe that we have improved as a team If we are healthy, and players develop..... this team SHOULD go tot the SB If they get there........ they can win We cant get wrapped up about preseason. We lost.... again We have some new people in some new spots....... it isnt just going to gel overnight We may actually have a slow Sept, and lose a game or two..... while this team learns to play together And.... while some of these rookies learn their new... much faster world....... I am upbeat on our chances........
  7. Sheeze, LOTS of sky is falling banter today Just watched the first half Thoughts 1) Everyone has been clamoring for a running game..... With the starters in, Gore looked very good. He had holes to run through. This is HUGE folks........ small sampling of course, but it looks vastly improved over last year Teams stopped our run last year with nickle packages..... that just isnt going to happen this year. I see us getting a tandem of Robinson and Gore going....... it will be tough to stop. Last night we ran for 5 yards then immediately passed. In the regular season, you may see us run for 4-5 yards, then run again. Make them stop the run. Pull the safety up to stop the run, or come out of the nickle, we pass. 2) Dorsett continues to look very good. He didnt have any huge plays but its clear this kid will be special. I like Moncrief, but to me....... Dorsett will be the better pro 3) The DL starters looked very good. (maybe with the exception of Chapman) I like the pickup for Langford. You can also see more improved movement from Jones. I was noticing on the first drive, that Jones played over the center 2-3 plays..... he did well there. I imagine that we will see more changing spots there with him. Parry played like a rookie with some highlights and low lights. the good.... when he isnt double teamed, he gets penetration. Some coach will work with him this week to get his pad level down when he gets double teamed. He will hold the line better when he does this. 4) Mewhort looked sluggish. He wasnt mentally prepeared to handle a speed rusher. However, he did start to settle down after the very first drive. Having someone help later on some plays, improved the situation. I think Mewhort will be fine in the long term, just needs to keep learning the position 5) I think Walden has stepped his game up 2-3 spots....... he played well. 6) Someone needs to go over fundemental tackling with this team. Jackson hit a few people at pad level and they didnt go down.... tackiling 101 needs to be practiced with this team this week. Hit low, wrap up. Some obvious negatives like mental lapses on the OL, and tackling, but I see some very correctable things, AND some significant positives.....
  8. Thank you! Of course all of us were experts at our job the very first day we showed up
  9. Chapman doesnt practice well, and gets pushed back in games....... at least he is consistent !! Watch him........ many times he gets moved by ONE guy......... forget what happens with 2
  10. If an average (NFL average) NT or G becomes a cap cut , or can be had for reasonable value we need to be on them If not to start, to a least be quality depth. I am just not sold on Chapman. the NT spot is the pivotal key to the success of the 3-4 defense. I dont think that guy is on our roster I like what I saw with Parry, but believe we need another quality rotation guy I hate starting the journey this year missing at least one important cog and being so close to having a complete SB team
  11. He looks good It appears that we have improved our ILB depth vs last year, which is a great thing Whether he makes it to the starting lineup this year or next is the question. I hold hopes that our ILBs, can look better, due to the HOPEFULLY improved NT play (I would still be looking to add another NT before Sept........ even an "old" NT, that can hold his ground in a double team, for 1 more season)
  12. I agree He wasnt impressive, and was handled ........
  13. Unless I could improve my defense this year significantly, or they offered a first(not gonna happen)............... I wouldnt trade Moncrief
  14. The guy IS awesome ......... and he would improve our defense.... no question BUT Looking at OUR team, THEIR NT would probably have a bigger impact to make our 3-4 work Even Ray Ray of the Ravens had off years when they had injuries to their NT
  15. I would do this trade all day and every day Their NT would be the needed cog to win a SB Their star LB is great, but would look subpar with Chapman getting ran over. For a 3-4 to work the FIRST thing you need is a stud NT............ we have a STUB NT......... one letter off
  16. With the exception of Luck........ EVERYONE is tradeable EVERYONE You always listen, there is always the "good" side of the Hershal Walker type trade I believe that this team still has a gaping hole We STILL dont have a viable solution to our 3-4 defense key position....... NT If they offered a first round pick, or some defensive help, I would have to consider it (Thats not going to happen.. BTW) I would like to keep Moncrief, as we all know Andre cant play forever. but........ you always listen to trade offers... You can always say no
  17. Its time for Adongo to step up............. At some point you have to move past the Rugby story and become a football player............ He has recieved much more than his share of "ink" on this board, and I do personally want him to succede. But........... its time already Its tough for me to stay excited about a project over a period of several years
  18. This year, they prove themselves, but next year........ we may see one go via trade ...... IF they perform to our sometimes too lofty expectations
  19. He would be the teams boxer............ Head case........ no wanta
  20. You guys are naysayers........... (bad attitude folks) Dorsett WILL be the first player selected to the HOF..... while he is still playing.... maybe next year Ok...... but seriously I am excited to see what this kid can do We might just have the offense that no one can keep up with............ (Think basketball) Who needs a defense? LOL
  21. We COULD (not for sure) Have 4 amazing WR's on this team Most NFL teams have 1 or 2........... 3 things would probably happen if (a HUGE IF) this occcurs 1) The player that fits the least in this group....... will be traded for some needed spots elsewhere (Or for a decent draft pick) 2) The least value/ most overpaid will be allowed to leave when contract expires 3) Becuase there are only so many balls to be thrown in a game, players ranked 3-4 in this group, dont get the chance to highlight their skills, dont get the needed stats.......and end up being underpaid..... unfortunately for them, allowing us to keep all 4........
  22. I truly think that if we get mauled at the LG position, in preseason, we will look to add someone else...... at THAT time The coaches seem to think that this group will work I hope they are right If we suck in preseason week one and two......... Mathis MAY get a call (If he is still around)
  23. Great point..... Many people forget how much a solid running attack actually helps the defense .......
  24. I think the Colts want to see what happens with the group they have now, before they look elsewhere If the crew stinks it up at LG, I think there will be an effort to call Mathis then, find a camp cut, or even a trade. I think they are set on doing the evaluation first
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