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  1. No......... You have to be a HORRIBLE coach in college to make it in the NFL No guarantees with anything....... All i am saying is we have a top potential coaching talent already on the payroll...... Give him a chance.........
  2. Tressel is a proven winner 4 national championships at Youngstown State 3 NCAA championship title games (Winning one) 6 Big Ten Championhips at Ohio State .810 record at Ohio State He covered for his player. He made a mistake. But...... You have to agree he has the pedigree.
  3. Its a VERY low risk / HIGH reward move......
  4. Tressel The guy is a winning coach and a motivator. It appears Caldwell has lost the team. Bring him in as interim only. If a spark returns, we have a new head coach. If we stay the same......things dont improve, We bring in someone else for next year. (Is there another Harbaugh brother?)
  5. Living in Texas I saw Jerry Hughes play. He was fantastic I think we have his twin brother, who was a marine biologist
  6. We have tanked the past 4 games Painter is not and will not be an NFL starter
  7. We have to rebuild This will probably mean another subpar year We had better NOT miss on the early picks we are going to get
  8. The big difference between leaf and Luck is Leaf had all the physical skills but mashed potatoes between his ears Luck in many cases calls his own plays, I have seen reported Also, for those who remember, manning was supposed to have an average arm at best Luck supposedly is quite the cerebral player....... Great work ethic.......... Positive team leader........ Anything could happen, but Luck I think is the real deal So........ Its about the mashed potatoes......... Leaf had them for brains
  9. Let's be honest.......... Peyton is NOT a lock to come back He has been an awesome player, but legacy itself cannot take snaps and play at a high level in the NFL. Even though it was a different surgery I can remember when Bert Jone had a rotater cuff issue. He was a shell of the former self. I hope Manning is 100% But.... He will be 36 in the fall. Many / most QBs are hanging up the cleats by now. He has had THREE surgeries. The first TWO didn't cut it. Though he is a legend, he can't play forever. Unfortunately the odds are against him playing at the same level he was at before. I hope I'm wrong, but I really think the Manning era is really over in Indy. The 28 million roster bonus is too risky
  10. I would immediately fire Caldwell. I would make Tressel the interim head coach See what he can do with the team the final games of this year. If he does well, then install him permanently if he doesnt improve things bring in another HC for next year. It's a low risk move.
  11. Supposedly, he has been asked by a few teams since he retired. He has declined because he liked the broadcasting gig. I also dont know if he would come to coach Peyton Manning, because I really feel that it is 50/50 on his return. So..... I look at the names out there............. None seem to have the pedigree that Tressel has.......... or put another way, there have been MANY coaches picked to be head coaches in the NFL, with MUCH less of a pedigree.
  12. Though not having Manning back would be almost unthinkable, it is a viable question. You have to put the odds at 50/50 if he can come back. If he were 25 and having this major surgery , it might be different. But 36 is VERY senior in the NFL....... Most Qbs in the NFL at this age, even without the surgery are hanging up the cleats. You don't pay some one 28 million if they can no longer play at a high level. I hope he plays another 4 years............. But sadly, he can't play for ever. It's a cold business.
  13. Would he have more credibility if he had lost at Youngstown State? He also won over 80% of his games at Ohio State........ A big time program He isn't a lock to be a successful head coach, but it appears the "big" name coaches, like Cower, Gruden, aren't available. Tressel may be named interim coach to finish out the year in the next few weeks I HIGHLY doubt that Tressel was brought in to be a replay assistant only................
  14. I think Tressel would make an excellent head coach Peyton would actually be a perfect OC We need a new DC For those that bash Tressel, remember that he has won 4 national championships at tiny Youngstown State and had OSU in 3 title games He is a clear winner and his players loved playing for him.
  15. There are several folks we should consider from Stanford
  16. This is a tough choice Manning was the cog that took a joke franchise to a winning franchise It's these days I think about the playoff losses because we were a player or two away from winning 4 or 5 super bowls
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