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  1. The sad thing is I would hate to see the Colts record in snow/rain and temperature under 25 degrees (yes we won a SB in the rain) But We would probably have a record of 10-50 (There is a message there somewhere )
  2. Please dont start being reasonable..... this is a "sky is falling forum"!!! Please take that half full approach someplace else! We all know that we need to: Fire the Coach Fire the GM Fire the OL coach Fire the OL Fire the DL Fire the ILBs Trade Luck Get rid of ALL the older FAs that we picked up Quickly sign the named FA.... that hasnt played for 3 years Close the roof Open the roof All at once!! People like you need to get on board....... this is a doom forum Sarcasm........ off
  3. Sort of a silly post, dontcha think?
  4. Its much more fun doing the "sky is FALLING dance" Oh no............ We will be fine Our OL is a little better than last year Our DL is a little better than last year (Maybe 2 notches better) Our best CB SHUT DOWN their best WR....... Our new RB (Dont call me AL) is a good player (We just need to run him more) Our QB...... had a horrible game Our ILBs....... stunk up the place Our recievers did NOT fight for the 50/50 ball "The sun will come up..... tommorow....." Best Shirley Temple voice (Ok I am old)
  5. THANK YOU!!! The OL kept one of the best DL's off of Luck He had enough time......... He just played POORLY Maybe his worst game as a pro Bad passes cant be blamed on the OL (At least this game) Buffalo SHOULD have had 1-2 more INTS I was very happy with Meworts play he will only get better Also Our reciviers didnt fight for the 50/50 ball.......... No passion.... Also Our defense cant seem to tackle well (fundementals) I think we need some promotions and demotions in the ILB corps BUT.... our DL did ok (IMHO) AND Its one game The offense will get in sync Dont lose your head folks
  6. Everything has some value We ARE thin on the OL If he is (A BIG IF) better than what we have, and he can be had for a decent value..... Why WOULDNT you do it He may be a past "name" that people have heard of, so we say yeah, yeah.......... WHo knows if he has anything in the tank........... But you DONT overpay to get someone like this
  7. We will know soon enough if we need him If we get some injuries to our current group....... YES I would like to see what Gore, Robinson, and Varga can do first
  8. I would have loved to see what Myers could do...... He seemed like a pile pushing guy we have been looking for awhile
  9. We needed a big rotational guy He has started 18 games He was fast enough to block a kick.......... (Most of the former DL, would move quickly at the line of the cafeteria...... but thats it) He doesnt need to be JJ Watt..... just rotational depth to give the starters a breather This is a decent pickup
  10. The fact is...... Watt is probably a first ballot HOF, and is a once in a lifetime player I would be happy if Anderson ended up being 90% of JJ Watt......... Very happy
  11. Freeman is ok I think he may be pushed to a backup role with the many ILB's coming in Or....... (probably) will be let go through FA Somethings up..... you dont keep adding ILBs if you are happy with what you got
  12. There will be growing pains....... But The way I look at it, having faster guys shoot the gaps will make us better defending the pass as we get slow, non pass rush people off the field, the DL will break through on pass rush plays which should increase turnovers as well as increase "hurries" Last year, the CBs did a decent to great job on the WRs. We had open guys because the QB had an extra second or two for the TE or H back to clear (with pokie LBs trying to keep up) There SHOULD be shorter times to find the secondary reciever The downside is we WILL get gashed on occasion for a long run. You will see 8 yard rushes on occasion, when we guess wrong But You will also see running backs stuffed in the backfield when we guess right These things can create 3rd and long situations, where we give up a few first downs then get a "play" and the defense comes off I like these changes Goodbye to the slow, NEVER penetrating "bricks" in the middle
  13. Another way to look at the decision....... Chapman.... our starter last year......... wasnt picked up by 31 teams........ think about it Montori seems to have similar interest Maybe they saw what our coaches saw.............
  14. Quotes from the Seahawks board on McGill "I think letting McGill go was a mistake. He flashed crazy skills as a gap-shooting dt" "Add me to the group baffled by leaving McGill available" "I feel the same about McGill. He was showing up and making plays. He's quick, powerful, plays lower and stronger at POA than Rubin IMO" " All McGill did was show up and be a force every day." "I fully expect to see McGill come back in a few years on a high paying FA contract a La Michael Bennett" The fans there think the guys is a stud......... Lets not make him the next all pro.... but ......things look good!!
  15. I am buying a snacks Tshirt This guy could actually start for us by midseason....... LG...... here we come We are THAT weak at LG
  16. Sheeze........ a big, mauling pile moving guard...... LOVE IT!
  17. You may be right... BUT Lets be honest.... Team chemisrty works when the players involved are making plays. Or at least holding their own. Chapman wasnt improving....... Rewatch the Patriots game..... he was blocked easily... one on one..... on passing downs he just stood up and played patty cake with the center....no movement left or right.... and definitley no push...... on running downs the center just moved him out of the way...... He did get some double teams. Which he he was easily swept away.......... I am glad they made the choice Parry was washed in the preseason with double teams, but did ok, one on one........ Thats an improvement over Chapman folks I also think Parry will get better as the season progresses, as he learns to use leverage and pad heighth to his advantage. I think they do need some rotational NT help. Parry cant play 3 downs all game long..... still not sure or sold on Kerr
  18. The guy has movement...... Chapman just stood there........ I am excited to see him get a shot But..... I feel likewe need someone..... better .. to rotate in with him
  19. Adongo is a feel good story that just didnt work out He didnt have anything for the Colts
  20. Nix didnt do ANYTHING in Houston......... I mean anything He had an injury in College that he ddnt come back from
  21. The Collins thing seems to stay on your radar............ It wouldve been nice...... but it isnt going to happen I agree on the OL. I still think we need a pile moving G I agree on the DL........ my gut tells me we are still a guy short.... but..... there are a large group of youg guys there
  22. One of the players that I watched this preseason was Good He seemed to do very well at Right tackle He has good feet and kept his guy off the QB on passing downs. On run downs he did a decent job as well, not just opening a hole, but sometimes burying the DE Before we go any further, I am not saying that we need to move him there and start him. I have full confidence that Mewhort will continue to develop. Mewhort has seemed to improve every series since he was embarrased a few games ago He still has work to do, but you can see him adapting The absolute love for Mewhort at LG amazes me. He DID pass block very well But......... the guy was NOT what we needed pushing the pile for the run game. He was part of the run game problem...... he couldnt seem to move any of the big fatties out of the hole . He just couldnt do it So..... why the post? To me, Good is able to be the key backup for the Tackle spots (L and R) Its time to move Reitz BACK to LG This will help shore up our line Thoughts?
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