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  1. Hah, in the video in his senior season in highschool, he had 12.4yds/carry. That's a first down on every carry. I also didn't know he majored in philosophy, so now he can go all Socrates on defenders.
  2. Well the Cleveland Browns don't have a logo anyways, so may as well rename them while they're at it.
  3. I guess Sirianni played Eason in Madden and came away impressed by Eason's ability to read a defense.
  4. I think Jim Irsay was to blame for that one, just like how Irsay gave Luck all that money Luck owed us despite Luck retiring. Irsay has a track record of being very generous to his QB's.
  5. You all are impressive at these. You're like those experts who can look at only a girl's butt and deduce her identity.
  6. The difference though is they did trade up for Love, unlike Rodgers who simply fell to the Packers, so there's even more expectations on Love. We'll see what happens.
  7. How does anyone come up with these obscure stats? I wonder how many games a player has finished without ripping a fart?
  8. How do people make these I wonder? I've got a degree in Graphic Design and even I don't know how. Are they taking a head of them from college and placing it onto an existing player with a similar body-type, then adjusting the jersey color to match a Colt's uniform? Even so, it looks so real.
  9. Yea, I've seen that report. It's been on a few websites. https://dailysnark.com/report-packers-drafting-jordan-love-was-a-power-move-by-matt-lafleur-who-has-had-enough-of-aaron-rodgers/ If true, then they should do a "power move" and send him to the Colts if Phillip Rivers decides to hang it up after his one season contract.
  10. They'd have to tank for Trevor tho. I just don't see Belichick doing that. Even with Matt Cassel, they went I believe 10-6.
  11. And this coming off him accidentally intruding into his neighbor's home. How many times does this guy have to break the rules before this stops being funny and he's put in a jail cell?
  12. And the crowd goes wild!...
  13. Now imagine if the NFL asks him to turn over his cellphone again. Tampa isn't going to tolerate Tom breaking it.
  14. He's going to need that "getting away from the cops speed."
  15. At least there wasn't a Hard Knocks crew recording him this time. "I want to call my grandma..."
  16. Can you imagine if we still had Peyton Manning playing in a stadium with zero crowd noise in an away stadium? What an absolute beast. Really, any team that's built with a good QB/passing team will have a huge advantage. For Peyton and the no-huddle offense, it would be hilarious.
  17. ::Me before seeing the article:: "I swear if they put Brady at #1..." ::Me after seeing the article:: "I swear Brady doesn't deserve to be #16. That's low even by my standards."
  18. If Tom Brady can play well with Tampa Bay, I'll eat crow and say the Patriots success was impacted by Brady more than I thought. I think he's going to be in for a rude awakening in Tampa, eat several vicious hits, and wonder to himself how Manning managed to win the Colts a Superbowl with our old crappy o-line. Our Colts o-line rarely gave Manning time to throw, and our run game was abysmal, yet Manning still found ways to win games.
  19. Is it a career 600? If so, the XFL would love to have him.
  20. Adam enters with his walking cane, slowly sits down, and garbles, "So, when will we be starting football, sonny?" Frank Reich replies, "Uhh, yea. About that..."
  21. Well and she's lived thru a lot worse than this. The kids are the ones panicking because they're finally not getting what they want. Oh lord help bestow us toilet paper at affordable prices!
  22. And don't forget Phillip Rivers falling into our lap to get rid of the locker room darling, Jacoby. Jacoby's a lovable guy, but being lovable doesn't win football games.
  23. I was under the impression the Pats enjoyed picking late in the 1st, or trading back into the 2nd, since it saves money, and Belichick is a tight wad. Even in his contract negotiations with Brady, from what I read, it came down to money; Belichick wanted Brady to play for less money than last season, so Brady walked.
  24. Great, this gives Luck more time to decide to come back from retirement.
  25. How many comp picks did we get for losing Luck?
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