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  1. I really wish we hadn't played the Jags week 1. You don't want to play the bad teams week 1 because every team in the NFL is undefeated, so we wasted a bad team game on some undefeated shmucks who thought they were tough SOB's.


    And yea, it hurt us that none of the teams had any preseason as it narrows the skill-gap between a good team who needs practice vs. a bad team who would suck at practice.

  2. I thought the Jets would beat us, until I learned the Jets are basically losing on purpose (they got shutout to the Dolphins, come on), so this will be the trap game where we lose. Sorry Jets fans, I didn't know you guys wanted that draft pick so bad.

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  3. Keep in mind the Bucs are in win-now mode. They know once Brady is done, they are effectively done. Taking a chance on Brown makes sense, because Brown makes them better now. The Colts don't need to win now because we have a young nucleus of guys and a promising (imo) young QB in Eason. I know that sucks to hear, but Brown isn't worth compromising our locker-room over.

  4. Wow, first Antonio Brown complains and gets to be with the Pats, and now Bell complains and gets to be with the Superbowl winning Chiefs. I guess whining works! Now will Bell avoid Brown's mistake and just shut-up and get a ring?

  5. 13 minutes ago, danlhart87 said:



    No way would Matt Eberflus join our division rival. Indy has been way too good to him. He was a McDaniels hire for us, then once Eberflus got settled in like the other coaches McDaniels hired, McDaniels bailed on Indy. We could have let Eberflus walk, but we kept him.


    I know Eberflus applied for the Cleveland job in 2019, and I think he's deserving of a HC gig; I just don't see it being with Houston.

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  6. 10 hours ago, coming on strong said:

    cam will be back in a couple weeks . my brother  was fine after two weeks .  Its very similar to the flu the first week feels like the flu the second week feels like a mild cold then its over and you will test negative . 


    The symptoms are way too different to be certain. I know three people at work who have had it. Two were mild; the other was taken to ER in critical condition and remembers thinking he was going to die as he woke up surrounded by doctors as he was put on a ventilator. All were in their 30's. The critical condition guy recovered, but said he had lingering weakness in his knees that lasted for weeks afterwards.


    One friend my dad knows says his was mild, but couldn't smell or taste anything for months. He says he knew there was a problem when he sprayed cologne on his arm and pressed it against his nose, yet couldn't smell it.

  7. It better not be something dumb like Julio intentionally causing a locker-room fight to force a release, then Belichick picks him up for dirt cheap.


    I want to see Belichick give up a 1st rounder, like the rest of us.

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