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  1. As Prisk was measuring Brown’s body fat, Brown audibly passed gas several times. Someone with Brown was recording the appointment — which Prisk says Brown was three hours late for — and he looks at the camera and smiles as he’s passing gas; the video, not surprisingly, made its way to TMZ. “It just seemed childish to me,” Prisk told Sports Illustrated. “I’m a doctor and this man is farting in my face.”




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  2. I don't see how a guy who did all this in a single year is overrated:


    - First-team All-Pro (2018)

    - NFL Tackles Leader (2018)

    - NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year (2018)


    NFL tackles leader and rookie of the year should not go together, and yet, there they are. There's nothing overrated about that. He put his body on the line. Leonard has my utmost respect.

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  3. On 9/10/2019 at 6:04 PM, Dogg63 said:

    Wow, I searched for a clip of that play so I could try to understand the foul better. I didn't find anything. I saw some folks in the forum bash Autry for such a bonehead play, but apparently it was quite reasonable after all. In general, I am not learning much about the rules/flags in the forum chats due to so many differing viewpoints. 


    It's because even the NFL doesn't know the rules. They're changing them every single season. We don't even know what constitutes a catch anymore.


    Just this season, we were finally able to challenge pass interference penalties. It's ridiculous.

  4. Okay, so I'm not imagining it. New England likes signing veterans. My guess is they also got picks then for Albert Haynesworth, Chad Ochocinco, etc. etc.


    Well another question I have is what is the definition of a "quality" player? How does that get quantified? I hope the media isn't the one who gets to decide this, or that it's based on name recognition.

  5. I've been trying to figure this out but the online jargon's unclear. You're telling me if AB acts up and New England has to cut him, they get a draft pick? Does Oakland also get one? This website says, "Compensatory picks are awarded to teams that have lost quality players through free agency and did not invest in similarly paid free agents in return."

    So if AB hop-scotches to different teams, and the teams don't sign a player to replace him, then AB could leave a trail of compensatory picks in his wake?

  6. I hate to say, but there's only one GM that matters: What does Bill Belichick think? He's taken chances on Albert Haynesworth, Tim Tebow, and Chad Ochocinco. I feel like this signing is right up his alley and Antonio Brown will suddenly be in a position to compete for a Superbowl ring. I bet he'd love to rub that ring in everyone's face.

  7. 3 hours ago, colt18 said:


    The Colts just lost their franchise QB not even a week ago...how is it already time to move on?


    Usually I'd agree, but we've got a week before the regular season starts. It's already time to move on because there is no time!


    2 hours ago, Dingus McGirt said:



    Yea, who's that, and why is he so lucky?

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  8. I think history will view Luck from two perspectives; Colts fans will tell campfire stories about him, preaching about his wonderful personality and glowing stories of what-if's. Outsiders, however, will speak about him as a guy with wasted potential who did nothing. He didn't reach a Superbowl, let alone win one when Irsay had preached about multiple Superbowls.


    Barry Sanders is remembered for being a good player who retired on a bad team; Luck will be remembered as a good player who retired on a good team. What a waste.

  9. We're looking at this in the perspective of performance. We also have to look at this in terms of ticket sales. It's a fact people were selling away their tickets due to Luck retiring, now how do you get those same Colts fans back in their seats? How about drafting a 2-time Superbowl Manning brother with a penchant for beating the Patriots?


    I'd only give up a 3rd rounder though.

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  10. 12 hours ago, Superman said:

    The acquiring team would only be responsible for the salaries and future roster bonuses, and corresponding cap hits. So if a team did trade for Ryan this season, they would only have a $2.75m cap hit in 2019 (that's his salary; the contract is very bonus heavy). 


    I like how you're knowledgeable on contract details.


    There seems to be conflicting info on the forum about what happens if Luck returns from retirement. As I understand it, his contract is frozen, so if he were to return in, say, 10 years, would his contract pick up right where he left off?

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  11. 1 hour ago, HarryTheCat said:

    I'm really PO'd about this. I parked for just a few minutes, leaving my two Colts' season tickets on the dash and my car doors locked. When I returned, my passenger window was smashed, and there were four season tickets on my dash. Whoever did this, that was just plain mean, dude.


    I've been tempted to donate my Luck jersey to Goodwill, but my turd would decompose a lot easier.

  12. Can you imagine if Tom Brady's news of retirement was leaked during a GAME a week before the regular season begins? Anyone who seriously think Gillette Stadium would all rise and sing Brady's name is delusional. No, they would boo him. Let's not fool ourselves. Every fanbase would do this in the heat of the moment.

  13. 1 hour ago, Chloe6124 said:

    The players seem excited to move on but they also seemed 100% behind lucks decision.


    To be fair, the players have to support the decision. That could disrupt the locker room culture to have players fighting over a QB change. My guess is we'll know more how the players really feel 20+ years from now when everyone is retired and older.


    11 minutes ago, csmopar said:

    They hold his rights for the next 3 years should he want to come back. 


    Is it only for three years? I thought Luck's contract gets "frozen," so even if he returns in 10 years, he just picks up right where he left off.

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  14. 1 minute ago, Superman said:

    it keeps good relations between the team and the player moving forward. 


    Plus there is the rare possibility Luck changes his mind several years from now and unretires once he's 100% healthy, or decides to coach in some capacity. Luck did say Indy was his home, unless he changes his mind. We own his contract rights, so it'd be nice to leave open the possibility.

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