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  1. And who is their QB throwing passes? They need to resign Brett Favre out of retirement.
  2. Only reason I say they beat the Vikings is Colts are playing at home.
  3. And the more alarming thing is they also didn't have a preseason, and it's week 1. This is no time for the Colts to play cute. We should have stuck to sound fundamentals and lots of run plays.
  4. Hah, it's like Belichick goes out of his way to sign controversy. He's signed Tim Tebow, Albert Haynesworth, Randy Moss, Ochocinco, I'm probably missing others. I'm convinced Belichick feeds on negative energy. I guess we can count resigning McDaniels at the last moment from the Colts.
  5. I remember reading they may just stick with the name they have now. We'll see.
  6. I like the Raiders silver helmets and black jerseys.
  7. Now they just need a QB who can sneak it on 4th downs!
  8. Does this mean he would have made more money opting out? I know hindsight is 20/20, but wow.
  9. Ballard said, "There was no effort to try to get into the first round. We were comfortable with where we were at. Matter of fact, I was eating popcorn, just hanging out, from about Pick 19 to 32." https://www.colts.com/news/jonathan-taylor-michael-pittman-jr-julian-blackmon-chris-ballard-day-2-nfl-draft So yea, if what Ballard says is true, then Ballard was eating popcorn even when Love was on the board.
  10. Drew Brees. I hate his baby though. That darn baby.
  11. That reminds me when the Colts added Quenton Nelson yelling before making a block. Soon, we'll need a laugh track for our bloopers.
  12. What's going on with that kid? What's his story? lol.
  13. Aaron Rodgers has one less problem then with Danica Patrick.
  14. If I knew I'd need to get a Q-tip stuck deep up into my nose everyday before being allowed into the facilities, I'd retire too.
  15. Hmm, my only question is if they test everyone for COVID before entering the building (and I presume they use hand sanitizer also?), then isn't all the other precautionary measures redundant?
  16. What if Luck were to come back and say to Mr. Irsay, "Now trade me, stash the pick/s, and once I'm on my other team, I'll retire again. You're welcome."
  17. This is why I would never ride a motorcycle. You could operate it to perfection, but all it takes is one bozo (drunk, texting, etc.) to cripple you, if they don't kill you in the process.
  18. Hah yea that New Orleans game at the end. Score was 7-61 with 12:12 left to go in the 4th Q. Great job by Curtis securing us that draft position.
  19. I would rather have anyone else at QB than Jacoby at this point. Yes, even Curtis Painter. With Curtis, we save money and get a better draft pick. Jacoby has probably already peaked. We've seen what he can do, and yet we're paying him like he's elite. It's a joke. Plus, Curtis Painter made for some nice blooper videos.
  20. Aww, shucks. Thanks . Alas, it's impossible for me to elaborate though.
  21. I've only been to Lucas Oil Stadium once, but I know it's a huge stadium and 25% is low enough for social distance. That allows for plenty of room. To further help, the Colts should open the stadium roof as much as possible. There are a lot of positive studies about COVID losing its effectiveness in outdoor weather as the elements pound at COVID's outer coating. If we were still in the RCA Dome, I would be more worried. Also, I'm concerned stadiums that don't permit crowds will take the opportunity to do what the MLB did with the video + kneeling antics because they kno
  22. Hmm, people might still protest that, saying that glorifies the skinning of animals. You know people uninformed about football are going to say that, lol.
  23. It will be as generic as possible to avoid offending literally anyone. Rebranding an NFL team is not cheap, so they're going to be super cautious with it.
  24. Wow, and what's interesting is only one of those teams lost a first-rounder... New England... and they lost two of them! In 2015 they lost a 2016 1st rounder, and in 2008 they forfeited their 1st rounder.
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