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  1. Just looking through twitter and the arrogance is appalling.
  2. And nothing comes up because the team is covering something up. I thought one of u experts would know. Im sorry for hold ing you all in high regard. I was wrong
  3. I asked a genuine question and was called a name. I want to know if Luck has elbow issues.
  4. Thorton amd Gosder suck. When is Holmes coming back? I'm telling u he can ve available pro bowl guard.
  5. I notice the sleeve on his elbow vs pit. The last time he wore one was vs NE in the playoff gm. Any info?
  6. Well, Luck for whatever reason seems to rarely give Nicks catchable balls. Nicks isnt really a guy that gets a lot of separation. I think he could be a beast in the redzone if given the opportunity. Maybe if Reggie rest next ek, Nicks will definitely be pumped to play vs NY
  7. He should be the #2 imo. Reggie should be the 3 and Nicks the 4. I do blame Luck for a lot of Nicks issues. Nicks should have like 2 or 3 more tds, but Luck gives him bad throws every wk.
  8. Hiw is that possible. Were theybplaying max protect? How did Pit protect their qb?
  9. The Butler and Toler love was a bit much, yesterday they reminded u who they are.
  10. I was suspended for speaking the truth. Had I not been, I would've told you all how overrated the defense was. Sometimes number do lie. And those defensive statistics were inflated
  11. LOL 34 points should be enough to beat the Steelers. They wont score like that vs any other team.
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