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  1. Luck is successful as a quarterback in an offense with a run heavy offense. When he really needs to pass in high pressure situations, he can't. Barkley, however, carves up high tier defenses on a weekly basis. If we took luck, he could not execute his familiar gameplan with addai or carter or brown in the backfield. Dallas Clark and Joseph Addai have not played with any production for two or three seasons: trade them for a first round pick, take barkley and then take a running back like montee ball or trent richardson with the other first round pick. If Peyton can play, he gets help fromm
  2. The answer is NO!! all of the andrew luck hype carried over from last season. i'll give him the credit for an awesome junior year, but turning down the draft has led into a relatively mediocre senior year. Matt Barkley would fit well in the colts system. In college, he targets one reciever (Robert Woods). But the col.ts have several threats: clark, wayne, garcon. While luck is more talented, the colts would be better of drafting barkley in the second round, and getting some better secondary coverage in round 1.
  3. why is everyone scrambling to go 0-16 to get luck? The defense and special teams have been horrendous, draft picks are needed there. Lefeged averages 18 yards a kick return, and the colts defense is 31st in stopping the run. Besides, luck might be the next jamarcus russell. I'd rather see the colts take barkley or jones in the second round, and develop them until peytons great career is finished.
  4. just going to say dissappointed in coaching staff for choosing carter over donald brown. With joseph addai sidelined, the more experienced brown deserves to start over a no name rookie. Brown has proved to be able to produce: remember Jax last season? Carter and brown each have two touchdowns, but carter has over twice the carries. Brown is a better reciever and better at picking up blitzes too. Also, everyone who criticizes curtis painter, shut up. Curtis painter is 100 times better than the codger who wore number 5 for 3 games. Painter is an inexperienced quarterback, and has never been se
  5. there is no way in heck that we'd trade the face of our franchise. Manning still has a few seasons left in him, and he needs to earn that contract. In the first round, obvious holes on defense should be filled, not Andrew Luck. Instead, the colts should take landry jones or matt barkley in the second or third round. Also the offensive line is not getting any younger, and joseph addai has been injury prone for the past two seasons. Round 1: secondary Round 2: Landry Jones/Matt Barkley Round 3: offensive line Round 4: offensuve line Round 5: runnning back
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