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  1. The Pats game would have ended differently had the refs not robbed Moncrief of that onside kick recovery and Whalen messing up on that special teams play.
  2. I honestly think all of these games fall our way except Miami beating New England and Oakland beating Kansas City sadly:(
  3. Most Likeable: 1. Andrew Luck 2. Peyton Manning 3. Philip Rivers 4. Eli Manning 5. Matthew Stafford Most Unlikeable: 1. Drew Brees 2. Tom Brady 3. Russell Wilson 4. Tony Romo 5. Joe Flacco
  4. Forgot Broncos, put them in at 7 and drop the Chargers.
  5. 1. Colts 2. Seahawks 3. Packers 4. Steelers 5. Patriots 6. Cowboys 7. Ravens 8. Lions 9. 49ers 10. Chargers
  6. Phillip Dorsett 16 D'Joun Smith 24 Henry Anderson 95 Clayton Geathers 35 David Parry 64 Josh Robinson 20 Amarlo Herrera 57 Denzell Goode 70
  7. Bringing in Wilfork and drafting Jordan Phillips to rotate on the line and learning from Wilfork would be sick!
  8. 1. Frank Gore 2. Jay Ajayi 3. Ahmad Bradshaw 4. Boom Herron 5. Vick Ballard
  9. 1. Aaron Rodgers 2. Tom Brady 3. Andrew Luck 4. Peyton Manning 5. Ben Roethlisberger 6. Phillip Rivers 7. Drew Brees 8. Joe Flacco 9. Russell Wilson 10. Tony Romo
  10. I think all three of them make a jump and hopefully do. I think Moncrief makes the biggest jump tho. I believe he can be a superstar in this league with Luck throwing to him and Hilton on the other side for many years to come. And I think he flashed that potential many times this year.
  11. Should we trade for Aldon Smith? Odds of him being traded is 12-1. He's only 25 years old. He does have off the field issues but do you think we could get him for something like a 2016 2nd or 3rd round pick? http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2357779-every-nfl-teams-top-trade-commodity-for-2015/page/29
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