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  1. Poor Peyton. He went from being the G.O.A.T. to being just another pretty good QB. I just don't think it's necessary for people to diminish Peyton Manning in order to justify their infatuation with Andrew Luck (or vice versa). It's alright to acknoweldge excellence for both of them.
  2. Ummmmmm http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/02/17/source-peyton-irsay-arent-negotiating/
  3. Oh my goodness, not offended at all. This is what discussion boards are for - discussion. I think we agree that we are all just guessing about what is going to happen. And right now it is still possible for a number of different outcomes. Nothing is certain until Peyton signs: a) a new contract with the Colts b) a new contract with another team c) his retirement papers However, I do feel absolutely positive that the $28 million option will not be paid.
  4. Unless there's an Andrew Shlabotnik they have their eye on.
  5. That's right. Nothing is set in stone until they, you know, get the stone out and start setting it. At this point all we're doing is trying to read the tea leaves. And I doubt we have all the information we need to make anything more than a semi-educated guess.
  6. I hear what you're saying, but I think Irsay was pretty clear in that SI interview that, while he wants Peyton to end his career as a Colt, he wants it to end next year (if not sooner). He was very specific about mentioning 2012 only. And, as I mentioned in the second post, Banks made specific mention of Irsay saying that it was one year only. What Irsay said tonight does not contradict the one year only idea.
  7. Just as a further note, I haven't heard the interview but apparently Don Banks was on Jim Rome and he mentioned there that was talking about one year only.
  8. This quote from the original "we would love to have Peyton back" interview: "This thing has been tough,'' said Irsay, meaning the club's recent showdown of sorts with Manning, regarding his playing future. "But at the same time, if he (Manning) came in and mentored the young guy and was his old self, we'd have a heck of a chance to be much better in 2012 than we were last season. That's if he's his old self, and that's a big if, obviously. "But if he can play, he could do that for us this season and then he'd have the choice of whether to retire, with his number retired, the statue built and t
  9. I would say the major issue would be the fact that Irsay is only willing to give him one year (Farewell Tour) and Peyton feels he can play for longer than that once he's healthy.
  10. I should add that I love Peyton Manning, I hope he regains his health and will follow him if he goes to another team. However, it doesn't change the fact that this is the only option for the Colts.
  11. Isn't that clear from some of the other threads ;) I can't imagine any situation in which they pay that option. Even if Peyton were 100%, the Colts aren't going to commit to him for 4 years - not with Andrew Luck on deck.
  12. LOL Why would you even ask this? Your position is clear. It's a divisive subject (duh). Are you looking to start some kind of trouble?
  13. I said this in another thread, but paying the $28 million doesn't just mean Peyton will play for the Colts next season, it means the team is committing to him for the full length of the contract (4 years). After drafting Luck, they simply can't make a committment of that length to Peyton.
  14. The colts cannot and should not pay the $28 million option. That seems obvious. Firstly, the unknown issues around his recovery makes it a very poor business move. But even if Peyton showed up tomorrow 100% healthy, with his laser-rocket arm firing on all cylinders and the spring of youth in his step, the Colts still would say "No, let's renegotiate." The Colts are simply not prepared to commit to the four years left to run on that contract. They are taking Luck and he is the QB of the (near) future. I have seen some characterization of Irsay's recent comments about restructuring the deal (I c
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