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  1. My backs are Foster, Martin, Blount, Melvin Gordon, Tevin Coleman and Chris Johnson My wrs are Cobb, Hilton, Calvin, Hopkins and Crief
  2. I have the opportunity to send either Calvin Johnson or DeAndre Hopkins for Chris Ivory. Who would you send? Calvin hasn't had big numbers yet, but has also played the teeth of his schedule. Hopkins is a target monster but the quarterback is a question mark. What would you do? Thanks!
  3. Has an official schedule for camp been released yet? I've seen August 1st tossed around on Twitter a few times as the start date but I'm looking for more information. I'm planning to make another trip from Canada. Thanks for any info!
  4. Luck jersey and ball Reggie jersey and ball Peyton jersey and 8 x 10 Vontae 8 x 10 and ball T.Y 8 x 10 and 16 x 20 McAfee, Overton Bradshaw, Nicks, TRich, Ballard, Collie, Pagano, Sergio, Angerer, Dwayne Allen, Fleener, Grigson, Dqwell Jackson Couple more, I drive from Ontario for camp
  5. Might as well throw Demarco Murray in there too, I think he would fit Indy well. His pass pro and hands out of the backfield are on point
  6. Terrance Knighton, Brandon Flowers and Rodney Hudson. Doesnt sound too unrealistic, what do you guys think?
  7. I talked to the person putting it together for him. The seats are in the 600s. Not the best, but it's more than worth it.
  8. Clowney blew up a tight end.. Let's all breathe here for a second
  9. I'm pullin for both Cox and Purifoy to make the roster.
  10. Probably the most difficult contest of all time. But hey, 500 K. Cha Ching
  11. He's also having a daughter! He tweeted about it
  12. When will the colts release tickets to individual games?
  13. Sounds great! In that case, that would be the 30th?
  14. So I've seen that the colts report to Anderson for practice July 23rd. With the team not hosting an open mini camp at the Luke, I want to make a trip to catch a few practices, hopefully get a few autographs. Can anyone tell me how this works? Open to anyone? Specific dates? Thanks
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