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  1. "Tough angle" No that's a terrible terrible call that handed the Saints 7 points. Until you admit that and refs are punished, the NFL will stay in its decline. Alright I'm turning it back off. I can't watch this garbage.
  2. What a phantom penalty in NO. That is so awful. Helps the Colts though.
  3. IDC. I want a blowout by NO. Tired of biting my nails.
  4. Colts win the division if they win out and Houston loses out.
  5. I hope it doesn't come down to it, but any given Sunday.
  6. The Saints have looked pretty sorry recently.
  7. One sided refereeing. You've gotta be kidding me That's awful dude This team sucks
  8. Chargers will lose now. Definitely needed at least 3 there.
  9. I was talking about the play prior. But that sack is typically called a penalty. I hate the rule though.
  10. The NFL has a rule problem. Either call it every time or get rid of it.
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