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  1. Their job to watch NFL games and talk about it. Obviously they aren't watching the games. Why are they employed?
  2. They could have done that without firing him mid-season. The writing was on the wall I'm sure. Unless McCarthy didn't want to finish out the season or was sabotaging the team, I don't see the point in firing him at that point.
  3. I understand the NFL is a "what have you done for me lately" organization. That being said, IMO he earned the right, through his career there, to finish out the season. Firing a HC mid season isn't fair to the rest of the staff either IMO. That's quite a bit of extra work and it affects more than just one person.
  4. I am not in the organization so I have no idea what was happening internally. I am not a fan of firing McCarthy mid season regardless. Unless he was purposely hurting the organization, he deserved better than that. IMO it's a bad look around the NFL.
  5. Don't let the end of the game fool you. The refs were nitpicking the Colts the whole game and turning the other way for the Titans. Once the game was practically over they decided to finally call the Titans for holding.
  6. I don't think the team looked bad, but the defense really lucked out playing against Gabbert. If it's a different QB maybe they play a little tighter. I assume they know Gabbert isn't going to be making too many great throws.
  7. Well. I'd say so. Probably more of a re-tooling, but AR isn't getting any younger. I don't think I'd switch into a full rebuild at this point in his career, but re-tooling is tough to do quickly in the NFL. I wasn't a fan of the McCarthy firing FWIW. Especially in the middle of the season. He deserved better.
  8. I will forever believe it was a conspiracy to stick it to the Colts because that's the type of slime ball Kraft is. I hate that he's praised around the league. Watching Jeff Saturday hug him during the lockout made me throw up in my mouth. I never wanted McDaniels and even questioned if I could be a fan while he was the coach here. Well the joke is on them. We got a coach that is 100 times better than McDaniels will ever be and a man that is immeasurably more respectful.
  9. Serviceable back, but you're lying if you think he's great. He had a pretty good season outside of being injured. I'm not a fan of paying top dollar or drafting RB's early though because I don't think their impact is worth it when their success depends more on the guys in front of them.
  10. I agree with this. I'm sorry to say, but the defense was suspect last night. That's a very different game if it isn't Gabbert throwing the ball. He missed a ton of easy throws. I thought the Colts looked bad last night outside of the offense (if you throw out the mental mistakes).
  11. mcdaniels......... Can't believe he's seriously being considered.
  12. But they shouldn't make watching the game more annoying. The best announcers are the ones that know when to shut up. Just having game sound is much more enjoyable. Get rid of the refs and I think the NFL has a winning product.
  13. We'll probably find out tomorrow
  14. If the Colts can't crush this Tennessee team without those guys, then they definitely don't deserve to be in the playoffs. I feel a little better knowing that if we lose on some ticky tack penalty, it doesn't matter because it shouldn't have even been close enough to matter.
  15. I'm not sure I would call those home games either.
  16. I think it's important to have a big and fast receiver opposite TY. TY is going to do his thing, but he needs help on the other side sometimes. I would be perfectly happy with a first round WR.
  17. It makes sense since that's where the plane was going anyway Sunday. I assume it isn't coming back to pick up the Irsay's or they traveled with Tyler? Not a knock on Jim or anything. I do think he is a good dude and a passionate owner.
  18. This isn't the Colts team of old. Sloppy field doesn't mean automatic loss anymore.
  19. Hope not. What kind of oddball hasn't shopped for a private jet?
  20. I don't think rain benefits either team much. Colts have been good in the trenches.
  21. I don't think it's dead. I just love how the Colts were blamed. But to stay on topic, the NFL claims field quality is important, but reality tells you they don't care. They won't postpone a game like this unless not postponing it would lose them money.
  22. They didn't seem to care about the footballs they were using and allowed the pats to use the Colts' game balls. Why would they care about the field?
  23. Get into the dance. We can beat any of these teams
  24. I'm pretty happy right now. What a Christmas gift
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