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  1. That too, but two of those penalties were incredibly weak.
  2. He looked perfectly fine to me. Idc how hard he's throwing the ball. He's getting it there in their hands and they're dropping them. The drops were unacceptable.
  3. That's embarrassing. Am I allowed to boo that one, news media?
  4. True. But I do think that team was way better than this team. I think we're ok, but not nearly as good as that one.
  5. Not bad for a starting QB. Now the quality of this deal depends on how long he's the starter.
  6. Colts media is full of itself. Especially the Athletic guys. Holder writes some good stuff, but he is full of himself and it rubs me the wrong way.
  7. I'm glad the players and media are now scolding the fans over this. Ultimately we're the ones that lose and now it feels like we're getting blamed too. I'm tired of it.
  8. If the Colts knew mid week, it should have been announced sooner. They did the fans and Luck a disservice. Now let's get back on topic.
  9. Fair enough. Idk what the parameters are. Seems like it's just Irsay trying to do something nice for guys he likes.
  10. I'm going to say yes because to qualify for the ring of honor you just have to have played for the Colts and sold tickets. Luck did that. Irsay will agree. I don't see Luck as an all time great Colt though. But he would have been had he played a full career.
  11. He needs to do that way way before any ring of honor thing. I'm talking in the next couple weeks. Maybe the home opener. Idk. All in know is the Colts really screwed this up.
  12. He can't afford that. Not a smart financial decision. I bet he caps it.
  13. The Colts look like entitled jerks. Not the fans. Don't let the suck up sports writers tell you different. It's not like a bunch of fans rushed the field and beat him. A few hundred booed. Big deal. The players need to grow up.
  14. They should probably grow a spine. If they were offended by fans booing, then we are in huge trouble this season. To me it seems the few fans that were there were booing because they were shocked, left out in the dark, and had the rug pulled right from underneath them. I've already grown a bit tired of the NFL and usually side with the players, but they are getting so out of touch it's tougher and tougher to cheer these guys on. Also Luck and the Colts deserve plenty of blame after that pregame on-field, very public workout last week.
  15. Kinda tired of seeing other players talking crap about fans booing. I don't agree with booing but understand it. They think we're out of touch? I think they're out of touch.
  16. Should have given it back to STH's who want to cancel.
  17. I think I'm further back on the grief chart than I thought. I still don't believe this happened.
  18. The fans lose. Again. I feel like we were strung along on this one again. Good luck to Andrew, but man does this hurt.
  19. Irsay is too loyal. This is a nice guy move, but he honestly should make an offer to the STH's too.
  20. If the Colts were smart, they'd have a fan event to give people a second chance to send him off..... But I doubt they do it. I think Luck and the fans deserve something like that.
  21. So Schefter just said the Colts knew about this in the middle of the week. They had to have known this would get out. They really mismanaged this. That was really unfair to the fans and Andrew. What a mess.
  22. I'm definitely in the last stage. I went through them all. That was quick. Well maybe I'm in the depression phase. Idk. Send help.
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