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  1. 3 hours ago, jskinnz said:

    I still scoff at you. 

    Fouts was right because the Pascal PI Was a gift. It had no chance of being caught. There were other favorable calls the Colts got. 

    The calls against Indy that were truly bad were the Tell and Okereke ones  The Leonard penalties were deserved. The one at half was simply a stupid play on his part. No need for hit. The guy was stopped and going no further. 

    On top of all that, AV hits a couple of kicks and Indy wins.  

    there was no home cooking from the refs. 

    Do you really think that personal foul where Leonard pushed the ball carrier out of bounds was a legit penalty?    


    You can't be serious.


  2. 2 hours ago, jameszeigler834 said:

    Never heard the whistle and it was more on shoulder than head so sorry bullcrap call not gonna agree with you.



    Certainly don't hear a whistle until about a half second before Leonard is in there.  

    And if the penalty was for the helmet to helmet, then these types of plays need to be reviewable too.  

    His fasemask literally brushed the receiver's helmet.  


    That was a gifted 3 points from the refs.  Just one of many terrible flags that ultimately cost us the game.  


    The Colts shouldn't have to play against the refs too.

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  3. 2 minutes ago, IinD said:

    But nobody will. I agree with you though.

    Idk. I've gotten closer every season.  

    Used to watch just about every NFL game.  

    Now I follow the Colts on my app and this forum.  


    Idk how much longer I can even do that.  


    There's gotta be plenty of others.  


    I love the Colts, but the NFL just isn't entertaining anymore.

  4. Just now, 21isSuperman said:

    Hoyer's pick 6 was not the refs' fault.  The defense giving up 6 yards a carry to Edmunds is not he refs' fault.  The OL not being able to block is not the refs' fault.

    No NFL team plays perfect.  

    The refs decide way to many games on phantom penalties.  


    It's a problem.

  5. 8 minutes ago, 21isSuperman said:

    Officiating was really bad (that "penalty" on Okereke was egregious), but at the end of the day, the Colts didn't execute.  Bad officiating is gonna happen.  Good teams can overcome it with good execution

    They can sometimes.  


    But you absolutely cannot beat NFL refereeing. The teams are too close to overcome game changing, egregious penalties.  

    The refs are terrible and the rules are terrible.

  6. 1 minute ago, bestQBever said:

    Yes it was bad. You know what was worse? Our entire team. We kept beating ourselves at every opportunity. We are an extremely average team with decent coaching, which has gotten us to 5-3. We have 0 playmakers on either side of the ball, Leonard has regressed, our O line is in a funk, our cornerbacks play with no technique, and we obviously have a HUGE problem at kicker. This is a 8-9 win team, 2nd in the division, and maybe a wild card spot. 

    I'm going to go ahead and blame officiating.  

    We didn't play perfect either though.

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  7. 1 minute ago, SteelCityColt said:


    I agree, there have been some very odd calls, but we've also not helped ourselves.

    The refs have to be better.  

    It's why we'll lose.  

    We didn't play a perfect game, but the refs ruined the Colts chances.  


    I know it's taboo to say that but it's true today.  


    You cannot beat NFL refereeing.

  8. 9 hours ago, EastStreet said:

    I love TY, and he's absolutely a baller. But you know every time he gets banged up, Reich is cussing to himself like any coach would do when their #1 guy is questionable. 5 games in 8 years (IIRC) isn't bad at all. I'm just paranoid that 3 of those happened this year and last (not including game he's yet to miss), and TY isn't getting any younger.

    Like you said, I'd also attribute it to him getting older.  

    He's my age and my body doesn't recover even close to how it did 8 years ago.  

    And I don't play in the NFL.

  9. 3 hours ago, EastStreet said:

    Did you expect him to speak his inner truth, and say "the darn guy gets hurt too much, I need the QB to learn how to throw it down the seam, and I need the young guys to be more involved". 

     TY has missed very few games.  


    He's had some nagging injuries, but he's a baller.

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  10. 45 minutes ago, jvan1973 said:

    He hasn't missed an uncontested field goal since week 2.    Vinny will be remembered just fine.   Best kicker in the history of the league

    He could miss every kick for the next 5 seasons and this will still be true.

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