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  1. I remember back to the "Painter" year, I believe it was the 4th/5th game that season. I was sitting next to a guy in a Chiefs jersey at the KC game. Colts were actually in the game in the first half...the rest is just a sad history/memory. Anyway, this guy was pretty quiet, maybe because his young son was with him, but I remember saying to him "you may have won this battle, but we will soon have Luck"...and I shook his hand and left.
  2. Exactly! It's like hiring the guy fresh out of college with the MBA to run the mail room. After awhile, he figures it out on paper, but never realizes that paper is not real life...
  3. With your avatar, I thought you were gonna answer the question with "on his feet"...I like NFC answer better though. As a fan, it stinks to lose DF; Wore his jersey to every game for the last 6 years. As a business decision, I know it's for the best. Good luck #93.
  4. I just googled Pawnee...where is it? JK, love the show. Cant think of a more fitting replacement for Thursday Night Football!
  5. I thought the entire first half that Jacob Lacy was wearing Vaughn's jersey...brutal.
  6. Well, since you said 'please'....and out of respect for Vance & Quizboy.
  7. This stinks. I had a great idea for an article I was gonna write but now I fear it is too late as it will appear I'm a copy cat (never mind the fact that I've never written an article before). The main theme of my article was about how Houston fans have placed Arian Foster in such high regard while totally forgetting about Earl Campbell. Come on Houston fans...start livin in the was.
  8. Those moobs could be used as weapons...
  9. Jags may play worse at home, but they definitely play worse w/o MJD!!!
  10. We go at least once a year. I have gone about every year since mid 90's. I was at the 4th & 2 game and I can honestly say that the noise level from my perspective was very close to the RCA dome days. Unfortunately, I have not experienced any other game in LOS that compares to the noise in the old dome. But as I get older, my analogy would be that I guess I don't have to have the old car with a kickin loud stereo anymore. I'm happy with the new, more comfortable ride...
  11. I would definitely pick Anderson...but only because of $4.00/gal gas.
  12. He also has no pick sixes...When BM was asked why he has none, he simply replied, "not my job"
  13. What I never understood is why Bill Polian would always argue that he could not "waste" a roster spot for a full back, but yet we always had Justin as just the long snapper...
  14. I know it stinks to see so many of the veteran players being released. This does not mean I'm happy about any of it. But, with the majority of the fan base (present company included), most new it was time for a change. Fans were calling for Caldwell and Polian to be fired (me included). Well, the wish was granted so I have to expect a change of direction. Now that I got that out of my system I'll get to the real point of this thread...Which veteran players (in the Manning era) have been released by the colts, only to have GREATER success with their new team than they had here in Indy? Marshall
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