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  1. I'm excited for our D again. If we don't pick WR or QB first round then we go CB(1st) and CB(2nd), or CB(1st) and LB(2nd). Although I'll miss all the old guys that have or will soon be leaving, I'm excited for the young blood coming in.
  2. Yeah, lol. Very possible now, but we tend to get the best player available so if we have a really really bad season and Luck is there when we pick...Joe Montana(Peyton) and Steve Young(Andrew)?
  3. I'm just looking at the fact that we'll most likely get a top 10 pick in the draft. Heck, maybe even a top 3. With that we could get one of the beast QBs, WRs, DEs, or CBs in next years draft. Also, this can be a good developmental year for our young players.
  4. Since Peyton has the choice, I don't see him in a million years not starting the game. Even if only he plays the first drive or just the first snap, he doesn't want to end his record short. With all of the garbage I've heard on ESPN with them saying that Peyton won't be any good without much practice and we won't make the preseason I would oh so love to see Peyton have a 450 yards, 5 TDs, 0 Ints, 75% completion rating type game.
  5. I will laugh if the Eagles crash and burn. Here's hoping the Boys and Gmen take Philly down.
  6. I'm very excited for our run game this season. I like Brown as a backup for Addai and Carter as a duo with Addai/Brown.
  7. Since he isn't coming here I'd like to see him in Chicago.
  8. Oh wow, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are some of my favorite movies ever. I wish it would have been the Colts instead. Seeing Peyton on Batman would have been AMAZING!
  9. I predict Collie has an official breakout season this year. He would have last season, but he obviously was "knocked out" of commission.
  10. Oh, they're just playing themselves. When I read the topic title, I thought they would all play criminals lol
  11. I really hope he turns out well.
  12. Get it done. Guess Bill and Jim don't trust their own pick. Sign him for 4 years and get CJ back.
  13. I guess just camp body. Don't see him being on the roster if Addai is healthy. Not any reason really.
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