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  1. "....to put faith in some guy in college that doesn't even play in the SEC,..."

    What does that have to do with anything?

    I don't disagree with the spirit of what you are saying but that line alone will cause people not to take you seriously. It's way too biased.

    You do realize that, historically, far more great QB's have come from out of the SEC than have come from within it, right?


  2. Dude do you not know who the 49ers have in the middle of that defense? you should acquaint yourself to their MLB, they have a pretty good defense not to mention a stellar run game.... Hence Jim's job wasnt hard... all they did was simplify the playbook for Alex smith and BAM you have a QB thats completing passes.

    This cracks me up. Just that easy huh? Never coached or been around coaching, have you?

    Coaching makes a huge difference. A team takes on the identity and passion, or discipline, coolnes, or what have you...for good or ill, of their coach. Players call into various radio shows, TV shows, and respond to interviews every week saying just this.

    Not just any coach would have turned San Fran around. Same with Buffalo. Detroit I'll give you somewhat just due to the sheer number of first round picks they've had, but it still takes a certain coach to get the guys together, disciplined, etc and I think ultimately we'll see if Schwartz is that guy.

    Having coached I will absolutely agree that talent and player character make a huge difference, but in the end how you respond to the players, how you prepare them, and, most importantly, how you motivate them makes or breaks you.

    The Colts are a heartless team right now. I don't know if I'm quite ready to blame Caldwell just yet, but I do know there are other coaches I'd rather have. My beef with his fire goes back to the forfeiture of the undefeated season. Now, admittedly. it could be assistant coaches as well, and we have definitely had defensive struggles of one kind or another for years, and our special teams has been, well, very special.

    I fully realize a lot of this comes down to the type of players we get, but there are teams out there similar to us in talent that are not 0-7.

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