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  1. This isn't a confirmed Colts meeting, but it's a safe bet @dpbrugler 3m3 minutes agoGurley said he has 24 interviews scheduled. Asked how he was going to prepare: "drink a lot of water"
  2. @gmbremer 4m4 minutes ago Miami RB Duke Johnson will meet with 9 teams tonight and 9 tomorrow. #Colts among them.
  3. Changed my display name, but ya'll can still call me Dustin lol

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    2. Dustin


      Those are big shoes to fill

    3. Gabriel Alexander Morillo

      Gabriel Alexander Morillo

      Did he get banned? Haven't seen him in awhile.

    4. Dustin


      he must have. i have been noticing a disturbing lack of Darick Rogers posts

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  4. Crap. Forgot to get my picks in this week.
  5. Heat are killin these boys out there.

  6. I'd go Byrd just on age alone. He's 2 years younger.
  7. Clark > Cooke I have to go with the AFC North. 4 top ten defenses.
  8. You can find a RB anywhere in the draft. If we do take one it shouldn't be till the 3-4 rounds. I still like Addai, he's a great blocking back, but he needs to be released. I'm fine with keeping Brown and Carter. I think Carter can be a solid back in this league if he didn't develop a case of the fumbles every time he touched the ball. What needs real work is our makeshift offensive line. We grabbed some long time starters last draft in Castanzo and Ijilana. Saturday I believe will still play next season and if everyone stays healthy you will see a tremendous upgrade our run game. While I do agree that most of those guys should be let go, I don't agree with the Collie cut. He's been a great receiver when he's been healthy. But, drafting a RB shouldn't happen in the first 2 rounds unless somehow Richardson fall that low, which I doubt he will.
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