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  1. You can find a RB anywhere in the draft. If we do take one it shouldn't be till the 3-4 rounds. I still like Addai, he's a great blocking back, but he needs to be released. I'm fine with keeping Brown and Carter. I think Carter can be a solid back in this league if he didn't develop a case of the fumbles every time he touched the ball. What needs real work is our makeshift offensive line. We grabbed some long time starters last draft in Castanzo and Ijilana. Saturday I believe will still play next season and if everyone stays healthy you will see a tremendous upgrade our run game. While I do agree that most of those guys should be let go, I don't agree with the Collie cut. He's been a great receiver when he's been healthy. But, drafting a RB shouldn't happen in the first 2 rounds unless somehow Richardson fall that low, which I doubt he will.

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