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  1. 12m is a bargain for what edge rushers go for these days tnh. I think this is probably right in line with his value if he can manage 8-12 sacks
  2. Dustin!


    It's one of your favorite times of the year!


    It's time for free agency and the draft!


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  3. Idk how people are factoring in his drafts into his evaluation. We gotta wait 3 years before we can judge a draft class right guys?
  4. I've enjoyed it too. Anybody expecting playoffs this year set themselves up for dissapointment from the start. We have some quality building blocks. This team could be a super bowl contender in a few seasons
  5. A few more playmakers on offense and this team could be a force next season.
  6. I doubt they've written it off too. Just like I doubt they wanted to settle for a tie. Theres no more Pagano-ball and I'm living for it.
  7. The Colts gave up 34 points at home to team on a 10 game losing streak. They aren't gonna make the playoffs sorry to break it to ya bud. The difference between a tie and a loss isn't going to matter to the 2018 Colts
  8. Ballsy call. Playing for a tie is a loser mentality. You play to win the game. Like someone else said earlier, Reich is going to take some heat but its a move thats going to pay off for a you g team. Everybody wants agression but not the risks associated with it.
  9. Seems a little extreme to me
  10. Yeah, I kind of blew of metaphorical football fuse, but I'll have profiles of the rest of our guys up in a week or two.
  11. Breakdown of FSU DL Mario Edwards Jr. http://forums.colts.com/topic/37735-breakdown-of-fsu-dl-mario-edwards-jr/#entry1087298
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