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  1. Call your agent. We only got two for four tickets as well. We were told they only sent us two at first to be sure there were enough to go around. We had two more within a couple days.
  2. This is what I carry as well and it has just enough room for my essentials, BUT, we have always carried a trash bag (kitchen sized) and share it to store coats, hats, gloves, souvenirs, programs, etc and placed it under one of our seats for protection. One empty trash bag held the possessions of 4 people and kept them dry and clean. Sure, we can still hang our coats on our seats, but now they will get stepped on, spilled on, etc...in other words...dirty as all get out. It was bad enough at the game when some drunk spilled a beer all down the back of my then BRAND NEW Dallas Clark jersey an
  3. New season ticket holder...Section 645, wearing Dallas Clark jersey!
  4. There's a video on Twitter that shows Dallas practicing with the Bucs. He made another one of his amazing, impossible one handed grabs that looks like Dallas of old. I'm happy for him that he gets a chance to continue to play, but in that moment, ugh....it's gonna be hard not seeing him in the blue and white next year.
  5. Beating the Bears would definitely give the NFL a shock in week one. As much as I would love to see that happen, I would have much greater satisfaction in beating the Patriots. lmao
  6. We were at that game...right above you in section 626. I can still hear the crowd chanting "Aus-tin Col-lie" and remember the chills it gave me. I had a hard time not crying it was so emotional. We've attended at least 3-4 games a year since LOS opened (a few in the Dome, but not many). One year, actually I think it was 2010, we bought season tickets on stub hub and this year for the first time ever we are officially season ticket holders ourselves! Can't wait for the season to start!
  7. Okay, I nearly choked on my lunch! :clap: :clap:
  8. Thanks, P and E Fan. I mever thought about trying to get a reply from JL. That's pretty cool!
  9. Ehh, seems to have been one person trying to make a lucky guess. Nothing noteworthy has been tweeted since. Sorry I jumped the gun. I would really love for Dallas to get picked up by a good team and play again so I got over excited. LOL
  10. Anyone else hearing the rumor that Dallas signed with the Chiefs? It's spreading on Twitter, but not by anyone reputable.
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