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  1. Hey Fireman818!


    We have had an opening for one of our teams, so I'll send you an invite to the league.


    Feel free to change the team name and team logo/picture to customize it since you'll be inheriting a previous owner's team name.


    If you need anything let me know!





  2. I'm interested, send me info fireman@lightbound.com
  3. Howard Mudd, knows his stuff so if he likes him then the kid should be someone to watch develop. High praise, hope he lives up to it cause we need help.
  4. I always look forward to them all! Heck, I've only missed three home games in 23 years. I love me some Colts football!
  5. I'm not going to be too critical yet because they haven't game planned for a game yet. They didn't check out of plays when Buffalo loaded the box on them.
  6. I still think they need to go get a vet!!
  7. Has anyone gotten any information on the Colts Season Ticket Holder Fantasy Football Leagues? I played last two years and I haven't seen anything released or updated about this year..
  8. I've been out to camp a few times and I really like the Ferguson kid. I think he is going to be used to spread the field, looks quick and fast and catches the ball well. I think they have found a change of pace guy, a Sproles type guy. He looked really good the days I was there.
  9. I will say Anderson was looking good during his rehabbing workout on day 1 of camp. I was there and the trainers were putting him through a workout off to the side. He looked very good! Rehab is progressing quite well.
  10. I for one do not think Pagano has been the problem. I believe the problem lies in bad decisions made by the GM and an OC that can't develop a game plan at the pro level. If there were to be a head coaching change made I would first have to look to Josh McDaniels. It's obvious that Irsay wants an offensive minded team. Your best player is Luck so why not bring a guy in to mold him and make him better. Other than OL, I believe the Colts have a lot of the same pieces the Pats have and McDaniels could really help. Also, I think he would have learned from the mistakes he made in Denver, as there he
  11. I don't think T. Rich's production, or lack of it, is solely on him. If you've watched the Colts games since we acquired him, you should know that he has mainly been asked to run the ball right up the Center, Guard gaps. Offensive play calling has been run on 1st down every time, predictable. You can't go into a power formation and bring every defensive guy into the box and expect a RB to be productive, especially with this offensive line. The guy ran for 950 yds and 11 td's last year for a horrible Browns team. The guy caught 51 passes for 367 yds and 1 TD. How many times have we thrown him t
  12. I have tried to move my seats from the very front row of the 600 lvl to the lodge lvl between the 20's since we moved into the new stadium. I was finally granted my request this year. I have been turned down for several years. The 500 lvl, doesnt come available often.
  13. Here's what I think my friends, I for one have been a season ticket holder for 18 plus years. I have missed 3 home games in 18 years, two of those came last year. I came very close to not renewing this year but I did. I have the money to go but I have sat through more * and up and down seasons than most. I chose to renew because I am still a fan of the team but I also wanted to try to upgrade my seat location one more time. I came very close to not renewing because I have had enough of Mr. Irsay's * and his management choices over the years and espeically the handling of the Manning drama. I t
  14. I dont think you have anywhere to stand calling someone a fairweather fan. If anything you should be thanking your so called fairweather fans for the last 12 years because of them you could watch the Colts on TV.Don't make comments like that and not expect fallout. A season ticket holder might not be more of a fan than you but they have invested finacially into your team so that everyone can experience being a part of your team and then you want to slam them. Then you say that you yourself can't afford to go to games, well maybe some of those that elected to not renew are in the same boat as y
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