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  1. Other than me who is hoping he gets the job? Thoughts?!
  2. What happen to are drafts like Marshall Faulk ,Edge James ,Josph Addia.
  3. His vison is amazing just need the coaches to sort out our oline issue this kid reminds me of The Edge James
  4. The more I watch his videos the more I want to see him get a chance to run. TRich has had several years and he is a bust. Example look what Hill(Rookie) has done for the Bengals.Let our Rookie run free. Zurlon Titon- The run on 30s shows power Zurlon Tipton Senior Day Performance versus EMU: Vison and Running style almost the same Edgerrin James Highlights:
  5. If we use Boom(speed & quickness) & Tipton(power) combo. We be would be alot better in the run game. Please figure out what oline line up works. You had who season to play musical chairs.
  6. Last past to games Z. Tipton out played TRich. To get past the Pats we need a running game I think Tiptons vision and power running is what we need cause are Oline is that bad.
  7. Im not going to go on a rant but if you want to disagree watch game film on him then maybe we can talk. The I N T at the end doesn't save his face.
  8. We need a spark in the running game Boom is giving it but we need someone else to help TRich is playing like a 3stringer. Z Tipton to back up Boom.
  9. Gordy is a joke blows coverages gets beat just about every play. You can quote me on this a high school CB can cover better than Him.
  10. What would you do to the RB Depth Chart? TRich Boom Tipton In what order?
  11. Tipton is a young L.Blount let him play to show his worth.Then keep or waiver
  12. Its seems the new guys or 2nd & 3rd string have been doing it for some teams why can we experiment before we get to the playoffs, to bring something new to the table. I want to see Tipton run. What do we have to loose hhim fumbling Boom does that him not pulling yardage Trich does that why are the coaches so hard headed.
  13. Using TRich as a FB that is the best idea he has hands & can run after the catch just needs to learn how to lead block? Thoughts ?
  14. Looking in to the Playoffs we need some DBs why did we let go of talent and not testing what we have. You should see these guys on film very nice would like to see Qua Cox resigned and Dewy on the field more besides Special Teams. Two Key players : Qua Cox Dewy McDonald
  15. When I finish really watching his style its like : LeGarrette Blount #29 RB 6' 0", 250 lbs Im happy if we give this guy a chance. Good combo with Boom.
  16. Yeah is there any game film or Highlights on Tipton to see how he runs, cant be worst than T-Rich tell you that much.
  17. I am questioning the Coaches decisions to play some player. The good Jonathan Newsome -Should be on the field as a starter. Shaun Phillips/Walden-They should be setting the edge next to the rookie. Boom- Running like a RB should be. Donte Moncrief - Takes the weight off Reggie and TY. Make are offense that much more dangerous. The Bad Josh Gordy Waive look at game films on blow outs some how he gets burnt and gives the other team a TD and Chuck has to put 1st string in. Evidence two plays against D. Jackson. Why keep T-Rich on the offensive roster a nobody can hit the holes hard then this gu
  18. We should trade T Rich next year he does not fit are Offense or produce enough rookies are playing better than him.
  19. Not that we need a RB which one would you want to see L. Blount or B. Tate? Personally I want a running back that has a 4.7 average and a power back Im going with Blount. PICK UP NEW PLAYERS ON THE O-LINE OR D-LINE INSTEAD Ben Tate Stats ATT YDS TD 106 333 4 LeGarrette Blount Stats ATT YDS TD 65 266 2
  20. Coach Chuck P. and PEP H need to start weeding the guys out that are not doing their job and start signing guys that want to play and do there job. They should use that next man up quote to heart if the guy is getting beat get the next up or find one. Same goes for the D-Line.
  21. Lets go back to the Pats game, I already knew what Bill's game plan was the 1st Half. It was a no brainer they took us out of the Playoffs with just RUNNING the BALL with less than average RB. Look what happen again. WOW!!! Chuck and Greg you guys are something else. They need to find that one player that give the Defense that spark. Something like BOB SANDERS did when we won the SB worst running defense in the regular season. But boy did it change in the post season it was like WATCHING A WHOLE DIFFERENT TEAM. BOTH D-LINE & O-LINE need to STEP IT UP .(COACHING STAFF NEEDS TO GAME PLAN BET
  22. Bad Luck Browns Look at T Rich doesn't do much for us. No more Browns running backs..
  23. What do ya'll think we could of done some waivers or Trade Nicks for some help in the backfield ? 23 Purifoy, Loucheiz CB ACT 5'11" 188 12/16/1992 0 Florida 25 Brown, Jalil DB ACT 6'1" 207 10/14/1987 4 Colorado 31 McDonald, Dewey DB ACT 6'0" 220 6/10/1990 0 California (PA) ^^^Who are those guys and why keep them on the 53 man roster a lot of better F/A talent out there^^^^ 32 Anderson, Colt FS ACT 5'10" 194 10/25/1985 5 Montana 38 Brown, Sergio FS ACT 6'2" 217 5/22/1988 5 Notre Dame 20 Butler, Darius FS ACT 5'10" 188 3/18/1986 6 Connecticut 27 Gordy, Josh FS ACT 5'11" 196 2/9/1987 4 Central Mi
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