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  1. Did you know that on that play there was a flag on the defense, even if the Reggie would have fumbled it would have still been are ball.
  2. If u have any body who u think is under the radar plz post anything about and highlights? Johnathan Franklin RB ULCA 5'11 195
  3. I think ray injured his knee in 2011-12 but he had a full year and a great year at that in 2012-13.
  4. If u have any body who u think is under the radar plz post anything about and highlights?! Ray Graham RB PITT 5'9 195 Thoughts?
  5. I know I'm not the only person hoping the colts start running full no huddle in post season. I swear when the colts have ran no huddle in regular season they have bean almost flawless. How many game winning drives have we put together running no huddle? Do you think the colts will surprise everyone running full no huddle in the post season or do you think we'll just run the same offense? Thoughts?
  6. Ok so I was playing madden 13 online then I got into this game with this guy and I had the colts. So we started playing and he said that his brother in law was Joe Lefedge.I said that I was pulling for him to be a starter instead of Zibs . He said that joe said the only reason joe isn't the starter is because Zibs knows the playbook better because he came from the ravens and the same system. Some people on this forum have been pulling for joe to be the starter over Zibs. So that why joe isn't the starter, Thoughts
  7. We have a 3 headed monster if we can get the run game going with carter and Ballard we can tire the defense out then hit some home runs down the side line with Donald!!!! GO COLTS!!!!!
  8. Vick balled will probably be the starter in this game game and Donald Brown will probably get only a few carries.
  9. Do you think the colts would have the best starting LB's in the league when healthy. If we were healthy I think we would be the best by far. I say that because we have 2 QB killing machines on the out side(when healthy) with Freeney and Mathis and 2 great wrap up tacklers in pat and freemen. http://www.youtube.com/#/watch?v=YnNCoJ4lhEU Thoughts?
  10. What do you think are our biggest team needs that need to be fill with FA or the draft. (Order of need) Defense 1.) DE 2.) FS 3.) OLB or DT Offense 1.) OG 2.) OG 3.) WR Thoughts?
  11. We need more play makers on defense and Zibs isn't. When I watch Matt Elam play I see a player maker. He is physical and a hard hitter. I think are defense would be better if he was on it. He's No.22 He's a late 2nd round pick and I think we should trade up and try to get him. Your thoughts?
  12. The jets starting NT and starting DT won't play in today's game!!!! So that means we will probably have a good running game today and hopefully it will lead to a win!!! GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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