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  1. Yep, TB throwing for 150 a game will build that fan base in a hurry. Lol
  2. 100% Agree If, Ballard rolls with JB and the Colts fail to make the playoffs, his seat will be hot in 2021, especially if he didn’t address the QB position via the draft. It’s delusional to think Ballard or any GM gets 7 years, when the average tenure is 4-5 years. And missing the playoffs 3 out of 4.
  3. @ColtJ82 I liked your last post and agree he doesn’t need to produce 10 sacks necessarily. However, he needs to stay on the field, which he has had issues with in college. If, year three is no better than the first two-seasons, I suspect Turay will be considered a disappointment. Hopefully, he breaks out in 2020.
  4. Yep, cuz Ballard has 3 2nd picks invested on the D-line, and the pass rush still is bottom league. Turay’s scout report mirrors his NFL career thus far IMO. The Patriots, Ravens and Seahawks tend to find these types in middle rounds “depth players” not high selections. Maybe, Turay and others pan out, but the pass rush is still an issue. If, your okay with drafting a player high, like Turay to consistently miss games and produce a couple sacks a year who plays maybe 50% of the snaps, then so be it. I guess I’m just different and value a 2nd Rd guy more than others.
  5. What is your bar for a high draft pick going on year three? (DE) Are you satisfied with a Turay just being depth player?
  6. Not arguing with you, but I want more from a going on year three, 2nd Rd pick. I think Turay was a reach, for a player who is probably not a 3 down player, much like Lewis and Banogu. JMO
  7. I’ve seen nothing and beat writers aren’t a source. Stop posting nonsense.
  8. If, he doesn’t stay on the field in 2020 and post at least 10+ sacks, he’s another 2nd Rd disappointment IMO.
  9. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001101974/article/lions-gm-matthew-stafford-trade-report-totally-false Posting a link is more credible. Here you go.
  10. Three minutes I can never get back.
  11. If, You think the 5-0 record makes TB a great QB, than you’re pretty clueless. The Colts started off hot under JB and like you stated, he was being mentioned as a being a MVP candidate. Both were premature knee jerk reactions. The podcast was a good breakdown of TB and the 5-0 record didn’t tarnish it in anyway with the segment on TB. What makes those two so great? Enlighten me. You don’t like Rivers I get it and fail to comprehend what I have stated in previous post. He would be a great or better bridge QB, while letting a rookie sit and giving the Colts a chance to make a playoff run IMO. Anyways, I’m done with you and know you’re motivation here. Cheers
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