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  1. What is the knock on him, How did he slip thru the cracks?
  2. I believe there are a few more plug in and plays than the Colts, yes.
  3. One other thing, I'm not sure we have a lot of time to developing lesser players as the other three teams in our division have improved greatly
  4. Is it me or are there other fans out there that think that when Grigson and the Colts draft they have thei thing of getting players no one else seems to be real high on. I loved the Kelly pick, very important pick, but everything after that seemed to come with some kind of question mark. It seemed like every time we made a pick after Kelly, I found myself trying to find out info about this player. I liked the idea of getting help on the offensive line but I thought we had over done it. I can't believe that there was not at least on stretch we could have made to get an edge rusher. We took chan
  5. On offense, it fell as usual on the offensive line, but come on, if you are an NFL receiver you have got to be able to get open and then break away for atleast a few yards. I also believe Luck should shoulder a lot of the blame for abandoning the run. There has got to be a better balance. On defense I thought our Linebackers were lost, as if they were still trying to figure out what there role was. Darius Butler needs to take a reality pill and understand that he is in a bigger spotlight as a starter. And the coaching staff starting with coach Pagano has to be better prepared. This is two game
  6. I'm sorry on this one but Grigson is the spoon that stirs the pot. I really think he is the guy making the decisions and Pagano is a token figure.. Irsay also deserves some of the blame in that he has to oversee everything. The sad thing is thou that it seems every championship team never wins the championship with the coach who started the team on the path in the beginning. Parcells was there before Belicheck, . the only exceptions lately are the Giants and Coughlan and Seattle. It's going to take a well known coach to get us over the hump. Enter Harbaugh
  7. I think the schedule is set, it is just the play dates have not been set, and that is what the NFL releases next year. It's all based on a rotation system and where you finish in the Division
  8. I'm a season ticket holder. In my opinion a couple of things are going on here. First Season tickets are expensive as are playoff tickets. The price of your seat goes up for the playoffs, Just look at a ticket for the Super Bowl compared to a regular season ticket for a home game, and what I'm talking about is how much the price of the ticket goes up. The next thing is that the season ticket holder have an option to buy or let someone else buy their seat for the playoffs, a lot of times Season ticket holders do not buy for the playoffs because of the dollars needed. I do not think you can blam
  9. Who will be the teams the Colts play next year I think we play the NFC South and the AFC East I think. Can anyone help me out
  10. Thought it was a great and gutsy call, it worked, unfortunately we did our usual receiver thing and dropped it. If the catch is made then it is not such a hot topic!!
  11. One thing I noticed in all the posts, Castonzo, Mewhort and Shpiley are Unanimous. Why not AQ, has anyone figured that out Why, Why, Why!!!
  12. I agree with a previous poster, Chuck Pagano and this coaching staff will not be the one that gets the Colts to the Superbowl.. It happened in San Francisco, Denver, St.Louis, Colts (Caldwell in for Dungy) Tampa Bay, Oakland, Colts (Dungy, for Mora), it goes on and on. Our version of the Colts is headed in the same direction. And I also think Grigson has to be held accountable to some extent, we are still looking for offensive line help, and Defensive front seven. I also think that most, not all of our free agents have been second stringers or players that at this point have been over paid. I
  13. Look I realize that the players are adults and for most have been playing the game for a long time, but coaching and front office has to come into play sometime (ex: the hated Patriots and another is Bill Polian) so there fore I see our coaching and front office as a goat that has to be held accountable at sometime. They are better than this, and it is up to the coaches to put player in successful situations. That is the part that bothers me. And yes I know we are only three years removed from the Peyton Manning disaster, And obviously we are not world beaters at this point, and injuries play
  14. I try to be the good fan and not go ballistic when bad things happen but this team and coaches are driving me crazy for a number of reasons. 1. First off to those that feel like this team is like the 2006 team, forget it, we do not have a defensive game changer coming back, And the defense is different. Besides everyone who thinks it is the same keeps pointing to the Jacksonville game in 2006. This year we have had the Pats, Steelers, Cowboys, Eagles let alone the games with Washington and Cleveland show us something is missing and a little more effort is needed 2. Grigson has not fixe
  15. Beating the Patriots at home to go to the Super Bowl, but the other two was winning in the snow in OT in Denver in 2002. The comeback in Tampa when everyone slept, coming back from being down big. But more importantly watching Peyton in all those years grow and become one of the greatest QB's along with making Indy a great team for years
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