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  1. I grew up in the Bronx NY and saw the greatest game ever played. I was 10 and the only member in the family rooting for Johnny U. & the Colts. He was my boyhood hero and I treasure his autographed photo I got before he passed. Could barely hold the pen.
  2. A classic case of Insanity, keep doing the same thing expecting a different result.

  3. The beginning of the end for Grigson.  One of his "prize" FA's Todd Herremans got waived.  Future waives will be A. Johnson, T. Coles, B. Werner and maybe F. Gore, all Grigson  signings.

    1. BrentMc11


      You mean Art Jones???

    2. Ehrman.Dutton.Cook.Barnes


      No, I mean Andre Johnson.  He is not even close to what he was and the Texans were happy to let him go.

    3. Ehrman.Dutton.Cook.Barnes


      Pure spin from Bowen article:


      Last week in Jacksonville, Herremans was one of three backup offensive linemen active for the game (that number is normally two, hence the reason for the expendable roster spot).


      The real reason for Herreman's release was he was too old & Philly didn't want/need him anymore.  Grigson comes to the rescue of another re-tread thinking he was shoring up the O-line.

  4. Agree with all. Great effort from adequate talent. I think it's safe to say that pre-season expectations are now a distant memory. Let's hope for a new GM who can deliver the talent within the financial constraints Grigson has left behind and will be more astute in the draft. I think we have a shot at the play-offs given our weak division but not much more than that. As always as a die hard fan I'm hoping for more than last year but as a realist not sure we have the talent to get us there. Hope is a good thing.
  5. Sorry COLTS7 but C for the defense is generous. Defenses win play offs and SBs.. You need to have a shut down defense so that any third & long is always 4th down for the opposition. You cannot be at the bottom or even the bottom half of the league in team defense against the run. You have to have linebackers who can at least stay with tight-ends or RBs out of the backfield. And finally you need a coach who can make adjustments to counter the unexpected, play by play, team by team. We have little if any of those key traits. We made the defense older & slower in one year with the F
  6. Respectfully to all who think that Grigson should be given some room to improve. I say in this day & age, football is an unforgiving & demanding business. You simply can't make as many mistakes as he has made and hope that he will learn on the job. You are talking about the guy whose sole job it is to identify the needs of a team and bring in the talent to meet those needs and get it to the SB. The only thing he has demonstrated is that he lacks the ability to do either. If Pagano's conflict with him is about the talent he is trying to coach, then maybe I can be persuaded in seeing
  7. Another great analysis COLTS7. I can only hope the rumblings & rumors about Pagano & Grigson are for real. I can only repeat, Grigson destroyed the fabric of this team with many poor draft choices and free agent signings. We are the OLDEST team in the league. Pagano is at fault for not "fixing the problems" which he declares he will do at every presser. We don't have SB caliber talent at too many important positions, mostly along either O or D lines. Grigson brought in bullets but he didn't know the gun he was trying to load.
  8. COLTS7, great analysis as always, thanks. Where we part ways is on the talent side of the equation. We do have some really talented players, we just don't have enough to be SB contenders. And I lay the blame at the feet of Grigson. He turned this team into the oldest in the league in one year, mortgaging the future for what he hoped would be a SB run this year. Problem is he did not bring in the talent level, he just brought in a bunch of past their prime players who are not producing and who are sucking up valuable cap money. Combine that with three horrendous drafts and it becomes clear why
  9. Grigson must be fired. If Luck's ribs are broken it is mostly because he is operating behind an inferior O-linedespite the obvious need to upgrade it in the draft or free agency. Instead we got another wide receiver in the draft and Herreman in free agency, neither of whom addresses that need. To compound matters, Luck is playing hurt, ? Because Grigson knows his name is all over this team, and he is trying to save his neck. In one year, he transformed this team into the OLDEST team in the NFL. With the possible exception of Gore, his free agent signings will be out of football in a year or tw
  10. - - - - - Amen John242 It's Not Hard To Understand, It's Hard to Fix Posted by Ehrman.Dutton.Cook.Barnes, 26 October 2015 · 143 views In just three short years we went from one of the youngest teams, with some potential, to THE OLDEST TEAM IN THE NFL !!!! In the last year alone, we went from a team that went one step further to a team that is in serious regression. Why? Because we replaced that group of players with a bunch of over the hill, cap-$ sucking, dinosaurs who have not improved on what we had last year. Add to that the fact that our last three number one draft choices were all w
  11. In just three short years we went from one of the youngest teams, with some potential, to THE OLDEST TEAM IN THE NFL !!!! In the last year alone, we went from a team that went one step further to a team that is in serious regression. Why? Because we replaced that group of players with a bunch of over the hill, cap-$ sucking, dinosaurs who have not improved on what we had last year. Add to that the fact that our last three number one draft choices were all wrong-headed for what this team needed. So it's not hard to understand why we are watching a team with such high expectations, (according to
  12. It's Not Hard To Understand

  13. Thanks COLTS7 for the perspective. I guess I'm just very frustrated and it's coming out sideways. Manning & Luck = 1 SB. unacceptable. Simply stated even with upgraded talent at a few key positions which Grigson is incapable of identifying, Pagano and his staff are incapable of developing them. So I agree, a couple of studs on the O-Line and D-Line and we could right the ship. However, remember thanks to Grigson, we've got some real dinosaurs on this roster with non-performance contracts which need to be dealt with. Sorry, But we may be looking at a couple of years of this kind of up &a
  14. Not sure where to start. I said in my "Defining Moment" blog, that if we experience an embarrassing loss, we can give up any SB dream. Well, the loss was embarrassing less for performance and more because of sheer incompetence. Although the O-line yet again & still is woefully inadequate, our skill players made some good plays. In terms of performance, we had to resort to on-side kicks, fourth down go for it plays and a monumentally, inexcusable and to be blunt stupid play to try and stay up with a superior team. You simply can't rely on high risk, high reward plays to beat any opponen
  15. COLTS7, well said. And regressing not only in talent acquisition but developing the players we have. Even if the talent is "OK" as you suggest (and I agree) with few exceptions there are too may players who have not been pushed or coached to their potential. We can only hope that we can either cut or trade our way back into a position of being able to attract and afford the real talent we need. I am convinced that Grigson cannot for two reasons: 1. his track record would be on display and 2. if Irsay is paying attention, which I am sure he is, who would entrust this guy with a say on the own
  16. This week will answer any and all questions about the talent that Grigson has assembled and Pagano was charged to develop. I hope we win, but if not and we are embarrassed by a QB with a chip on his shoulder, you can give up any dreams of a SB appearance. We may win the division, but all roads seem to lead through New England, and that's where the dream ends.
  17. COLTS7, Thanks for the historical perspective. I can nit pick some of your Good/OK/Not good choices. But here is the irrefutable fact about Grigson. We have gotten older faster than any other team in NFL in THREE YEARS!!! We have misspent CAP dollars so when it comes time to sign Luck, we will need to break the bank and consequently have little left to replace the dinosaurs who will either retire or get cut. We'll have to wait and see if Luck gets back to his normal arm strength, again a fact that is an indictment of Grigson who clearly did not identify and fill the O-Line needs. BTW, what
  18. COLTS7, I really appreciate your detailed synopsis. Gritty, gutsy performance by Matt and the offense, line play was best yet and Clowney & Watts weren't factors. But too many big issues too overlook. The result of this game came down to which team would have the fewest critical penalties. If you think this defense is ready for Tom Brady and that offense I think you need to consider how open Deandre Hopkins was all night and how easy that TD pass was to complete. Pagano again says there are things to "fix". Defense was supposed to be his calling card, his stock in trade. The one piec
  19. COLTS7: I am with you, The guy that gave us 80% of the current roster still has a job. How does that happen? Archer: PFF's notwithstanding, our lines are not good, consistent and are the source of much of what is wrong with both O & D. Look at the FA line men on either O or D Grigson brought in. That is the real problem with this club, a GM who has no eye for talent or identifying the real needs of this club. If Luck's arm is permanently damaged, Grigson MUST go.
  20. Archer, "Luck got hurt because of his scheme?" What does that mean? It's not his scheme - it's Pagano & Hamilton's scheme! As for calling the O-line average is really way, way off. Luck got hurt because of the O-Line, not any bad scheme. The focus of the draft and FA signings needed to be protect the best, and the most important player on the team, which Grigson failed miserably to do. The defense played well against a less than talented offense, and once again it's weakness is the D-Line. Both lines need major upgrade which I have no confidence Grigson can fix given the other dumb m
  21. COLTS7 , agreed, a pretty good draft but only marginally addresses the real needs of the team. Focus needed to be on offensive line, Luck has to, has to, has to get protection and the running game must compliment his skills. Some good young draftees on defense, again better than average but we just gave up 33 points and could easily have lost to a rookie QB, talented as he may be. Sorry but I still contend SB talent on this roster includes 5-6 players, not including kickers, and while we have some better than average players on the roster, we're still not seeing how they can play together
  22. Yes COLTS7, a win is a win. But I don't expect that any personnel issues will be addressed effectively this year as long as the Pagano/Grigson team is in place. Recent report card on FA signings is pathetic. Lance Louis & Todd Herremans were benched Andre Johnson looked like an old man running slow pass routes. As it turns out Dorsett (who I think was a draft day mistake) should get more reps over Johnson, if Pagano & Grigson had an ounce of good judgment. All that cap money blown on so many duds.
  23. Just listened to the Pagano presser. Did I understand him to say the one indispensable, face of the franchise player should now be able to play effectively behind the Swiss cheese O-line that Grigson was responsible for assembling? No amount of walking back that comment can explain that one. But as always he wants our confidence that he is going to "fix" things. I'm just fed up with him, Grigson and Irsay for his silence and lack of action.
  24. One more thing about Grigson. Going into last year I think we had the largest or close to the largest cap room for FA's. Who did we sign but a bunch of over 30 players who we hope will give us 2 quality years. That is not what I call building a dynasty. In my opinion when you have not had a proven track record as a GM in pro football, you need to work under one to learn best practices in drafting & recruiting. Look at New England. They lose star talent every year and somehow put a competitive team on the field who actually win SBs.
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