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  1. I grew up in the Bronx NY and saw the greatest game ever played. I was 10 and the only member in the family rooting for Johnny U. & the Colts. He was my boyhood hero and I treasure his autographed photo I got before he passed. Could barely hold the pen.
  2. I guess you just missed the point. That's ok.
  3. What was he doing in the locker room? I've never been a Pagano fan but that was Pagano's moment. Irsay was vapid and unconvincing in his comments. I'm guessing everyone in that room knew he was trying to come across as a caring owner but it just didn't work. He detracted from the class and heart that Pagano showed. Go with Godspeed Chuck, my fellow cancer survivor.
  4. I've heard it all. When asked why he did not have the team ready to play, Coach says "I don't know". That said aside from "fighting and staying together" he had no answer to the most obvious and telling question he got. I said it before, and I'll say it again, if I keep telling my boss it's my fault for any screw ups, how long would the boss keep me around? We are going on 3-4 years of the same routine. Can't Blame Grigson or Ballard if Irsay is the boss willing to accept incompetence at this level.
  5. I did wake up. Practicing is not playing and what if he reports a problem? And what do you expect if he does get to play, a miraculous turn around?
  6. So here we are entering week 5 and still no clear indication of when or IF AL will return. In the off season preparation you mean to tell me that with all the precautions Irsay was taking he didn't know the extent of Luck's incapacity? Talking to the "docs" everyday? So what happens predictably, in desperation Irsay pulls the trigger on deal to bring in Brisset one week before the start of the season! No knock on Brisset who may in the long term may be the answer to #2 behind AL, but why couldn't Pagano or our new "Genius" Ballard see Tolzien or Walker weren't capable starters? Walker had
  7. Now there's an interesting and novel excuse, dark blue uniforms contributed to the time of possession disadvantage. Pagano would blame that on himself or would he blame the equipment manager?
  8. Does anyone believe Luck's return will turn the ship around to the point we are in SB contention? Was Sunday an anomaly or are we as bad as it looked? Is it inferior talent or bad coaching/preparation on all levels? Both? Since Pagano started, he pretty much blames every loss on himself. How many of us would keep a job if with every mistake we make we freely admitted we were at fault? Like me, was everyone fooled with an 11-5 team in 2012, thinking we had the talent to get to the next level?
  9. So here we go. Is it coaching or is it talent? Half the team is made up of Ballard/Pagano choices. So let's say we preserve Luck from the debacle of a porous O-line and we get #1 next year, then what? Is Ballard/Pagano going to clean house again and if so do we trust them? Getting a little ahead of myself, but yesterday wasn't just ugly.... it was amateurish. Does anyone believe this game is an anomaly and that starting next week we will be competitive? I don't.
  10. So wrong about Grigson's cap issue. Go back and check the records. He had the third highest cap available in the NFL when he took over. And then the fun began, Bjorn Woerner, TRich, Andre Johnson, Philly cast-offs and several over the hill defensive players all of whom are now gone.
  11. Notice I didn't say an "eye" for talent. I said can he "identify" talent. This is a much broader and inclusive trait that is absolutely essential as GM. He isn't looking at trading cards to see who he wants to sign. He is evaluating team needs in concert with his coaching & scouting staffs. Ultimately he decides on who to sign. That is how I broadly define "identify". Hope that helps to clarify the original question I was raisi.ng
  12. Interesting F/A signings so far. No marquis names. Favor the Allen trade. So this will answer two questions: whether Ballard can identify the talent that will get us deep into the play-offs and whether Pagano and coaching staff can get from them the potential that Ballard sees in them.
  13. Good for both teams now that Grigson isn't involved in the draft. Taking bets, Bellichik will get more out of a healthy DA than Pagano ever could. No surprise if he makes the All-Star team.
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