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  1. The beginning of the end for Grigson.  One of his "prize" FA's Todd Herremans got waived.  Future waives will be A. Johnson, T. Coles, B. Werner and maybe F. Gore, all Grigson  signings.

    1. BrentMc11


      You mean Art Jones???

    2. Ehrman.Dutton.Cook.Barnes


      No, I mean Andre Johnson.  He is not even close to what he was and the Texans were happy to let him go.

    3. Ehrman.Dutton.Cook.Barnes


      Pure spin from Bowen article:


      Last week in Jacksonville, Herremans was one of three backup offensive linemen active for the game (that number is normally two, hence the reason for the expendable roster spot).


      The real reason for Herreman's release was he was too old & Philly didn't want/need him anymore.  Grigson comes to the rescue of another re-tread thinking he was shoring up the O-line.

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