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  1. Yes,because doogan is like that blue bug from 'alice in wonderland'.He's wise...he's absolute.
  2. I just hope he doesn't tweet:Doctor!Doctor...give me the news,that i got a bad case of lllllllloooooooovvvvviiiiiinnnnnnn yyyyoooouuu(about caldwell).
  3. +1 kind sir.Your words are sooooooooooo true.
  4. The jury is still out on cam newton.Yes,he's been good,so far,but its a long season.Besides,andy dalton may eventually surpass him later this year.
  5. Those experts also said that leaf was more "nfl ready" than manning.And they also predicted that couch,carr,klingler,ware,a.smith,jim drunkenmiller,harrington and russell were can't miss stars.Don't put much stock into those self proclaimed "experts".
  6. Calm down little grasshopper!The guy is just another stafford...at best.In fact,i don't even think that.I see another leinart in BIG OLE' ANDREW LUCK.
  7. +1 again from me.He(painter)will only get better with more reps.And i'm shocked by the mike vick type legs!lol!He's got a set of wheels on him.Who knew........
  8. I know he played bad,but it wasn't end all kinda bad.He'll bounce back next week.The one fault of cousins' is he tends to play average on the road,which he must improve.But regardless;he's still a great quarterback prospect for the colts come draft day.He has good size,cannon arm and accurate.Plus his personality fits the colts mold exactly.
  9. Exactly smitto!These people on here change their opinions from a game-to-game basis!I'm waiting for painter to have his first 330/3 td game(which he will).They will be saying..."manning who?".I just can't take them very seriously.Also,i think they have a 'pack mentality' and often play follow the group leader.I see evidence of this with 'andy',because they actually convinced him that LUCK is now god.On a side note,i would like to 'thank you' for sticking by your guns and opinions.Its refreshing to see.
  10. Like i've stated many times before.The offensive system installed at 'MSU' is built around the running game as first option.This isn't a passing team by any means.He(cousins)doesn't have many receiving options,if any.I can think of just one(nichols).And let's clarify that he only had 1 pick and not the four stated previously. P.S.Don't let stats fool you.If you follow the statline,then kellen moore is better than luck or cousins,which isn't the case.In fact;kellen moore isn't even going to get drafted,because of his dwarfish size(not even 6 feet tall and 190 pounds).
  11. Much like you stated earlier..."a single game doesn't label a player good or bad".It was an off day and everybody has an off day...now and then.I wouldn't look much into it.He's still the best quarterback in the country IMHO.
  12. I'm glad about it.I didn't want his draft status to rise too high to begin with.We can get him in the third round.
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