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  1. Hopkins is only player they have. Targeted way more than anyone else in the league and we can't take him away??? Pathetic
  2. Right when u think they couldn't embarrass themselves any worse
  3. Folks, Colts are getting schooled by qbs named Fitzpatrick and Taylor Imagine what Bill and Tommy B are gonna do
  4. The stupid call was the Jr high play to throw to off tackle R u kiddin me
  5. I mean seriously, 5 of last 6 yrs open on road? I am willing to bet no other team is close to that.
  6. Colts have lost 5 of last 6 openers....all on the road Does this seem strange to anyone else? Why are the Colts on the road to open up every year?? NFL conspiracy? Be interested in other team schedules during same time
  7. Dear Chuck, Rule #1. Nothing will get u fired faster than loyalty to asst coaches
  8. No need, Collinsworth questioned Pats for real and Billy, Tommy, and Bobby all emphatically denied deflating balls
  9. 100% spot on. ,They seem to never have a plan to attack opponent to start a game. Everything reactionary....almost like they don't watch film....then they see it live and after they fall behind they say "aha! So that's what they do"
  10. New England understands the importance of Home field advantage MESSAGE to Colts Want to win AFC title games don't go 11-5 again
  11. Its a mindset boys. Belichick\Brady have weak minded(like Young colts) teams beat before they play. Takes special coach and players to go into Gillette and beat them.
  12. Please explain your reasoning? Resting/sitting players is the difference between Patriots and Colts Belichick plays to win every damn game. He understands the messages/mindset you create by mailing in performances.
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