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  1. Stuck in limbo with this gm and coaching staff. Someone please tell the owner
  2. Luck is surrounded by a mediocre team and a not so good offensive line. He is a star and is possible of so much better if the gm would have only put better players around him.
  3. Mr Irsay, you are a good owner, all the class a fan could want, this fan and friend will pray for you and continue to support you and the Colts. You can rise above this, you can beat this. Wishing you all the best. From George and Sherry Russell, Colts fans, Russell Island, bahamas

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      A nice statement of support & encouragement there oldcolt66. I concur with it completely. Enjoy your time in the bahamas with sun, sand, sandals, & cool & refreshing tropical drinks. :)

  4. Well it took JohnElway and the Broncos just TWO years to put the right team around Peyton Manning! Andrew Luck has all the tools and then some, question is Mr Irsay..Mr Grigson... How badly do you want it? My instant thought is, just any free agent to fill a need will not do..(eg. DHB) we need upper tier quality. Now so many needs remain and they probably all couldn't be filled in one or even two years but we certainly have to do better than last years free agency and draft
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