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  1. Bowlingguy300

    Browns 'Perfect Season' Parade Planned

    your coach is 1-31 dont act like this is not something that will happen again next year seeing your stupid enuf to keep him lol
  2. Bowlingguy300

    Colts chat during games

    chat had a few weeks of not working great. but this week and the last few weeks the chat is working fine.
  3. Bowlingguy300

    Should we consider trading Andrew Luck at this point?

    I think we have to get rid of the Coaches way before we think of getting rid of Luck. he is very good player. but he is being wasted by this Org. so if I was Luck I might think about if Pagano stays nother year he would be better off somewhere that will keep him healthy and give him a chance of a SB. cause he wont get one with Pagano
  4. Bowlingguy300

    Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    im with others. sit him and get him ready for next year. you have to think future with him and rushing him back with this coaching staff is not wise.
  5. Bowlingguy300

    Chuck Pagano complaints (merge)

    well maybe it is not the OC we all thought it was Pep being a issue. but it starts at the top this is not a good coached team. not sure what they do at practice, but I remember when Wayne tried out for the Patriots and came back and said their practices are not fun... that says it all about Pagano.