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  1. at this point pull a Luck and announce your retirement today
  2. those two trips to the red zone walking away with only two FG is going to haunt us it looks like as we cant stop Raiders what so ever..
  3. your coach is 1-31 dont act like this is not something that will happen again next year seeing your stupid enuf to keep him lol
  4. chat had a few weeks of not working great. but this week and the last few weeks the chat is working fine.
  5. I think we have to get rid of the Coaches way before we think of getting rid of Luck. he is very good player. but he is being wasted by this Org. so if I was Luck I might think about if Pagano stays nother year he would be better off somewhere that will keep him healthy and give him a chance of a SB. cause he wont get one with Pagano
  6. im with others. sit him and get him ready for next year. you have to think future with him and rushing him back with this coaching staff is not wise.
  7. ESPN ticker says Pagano to remain HC.... you cant be serious. Jim needs to stop taking his drugs and drinking and really watch this team. what a *.
  8. well maybe it is not the OC we all thought it was Pep being a issue. but it starts at the top this is not a good coached team. not sure what they do at practice, but I remember when Wayne tried out for the Patriots and came back and said their practices are not fun... that says it all about Pagano.
  9. Seems to be the same things said every season for these two. and after 4 seasons not getting it done. but I hope this time is the charm and they are successful and get this beast going
  10. we have the same coach and GM that got him beat up more then any other QB for 3 years. and this year from what we seen if he would have been healthy he would have been hit even more. insanity is wanting a different outcome with the same ingredients. with Pagano and Grigson still running things, there is not way things change. in 4 years the OL has not made progress what so ever.
  11. nevermind took a few refreshes but it is now showing in the choice bar.
  12. what happened to the live chat area, is it gone?
  13. well we could of had a Mora 2.0 press conference... Play Offs? Play Offs? lol
  14. this is just me but this going into a game unprepared/outcoached is nothing new, they have been doing this for two years. you cant look at the 11 wins last year, it is how we played for them 11 wins, we show up to play after not for most the game way to much, and last few years Luck has been able to do a manning and coverup this team Bad coaching, well it caught up to us this year, as Luck is not making the comeback anymore. Pep has to go today! no waiting. we can talk about Chuck after that change when we get to the Bye week. we are going into a game unprepared almost every game now, well s
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