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  1. He had me nervous for most the year* but so far he has made the right decisions IMO.... Still can't believe he had the guts to can polian.... That made me so happy
  2. Bill is retired... No one will hire Chris as a gm.... He should be happy with any Job offer.. If there are any
  3. Yea... No more cover 2, bend but don't break crap.... That philosophy had always sucked.., definitely don't have to personnel for 3-4.... I like 4-3 just need better DT and freeney needs to step it up..... 13 tackles 8.5 sack.... Come on man
  4. All the hope and excitement dies if Caldwell stays..... Every day he isn't fired makes me slightly more scared.... If he isn't gone by next week I'll be flat out ticked
  5. Letting your foot off the gas with two min to go in the first half to set up the fatal onside kick.... Yes out coached in every way
  6. We drop everyone including manning and bam! Tons of cap room... It all just depends on what direction we take.... Personally I would be ticked if we just didn't sign manning... Can't let someone like that go for free
  7. You want our Wr corps to look like garçon 1 gonzo 2 collie 3.... No thanks, let him go... What we need is a decent fa Wr... A lot are available but is the money right?
  8. Yea I feel like I know pretty much know all there is to know about football.... As a fan.... I couldn't tell you any pros or cons of any gm anyone talkes about.... Irsay made the right choice letting polian go... We will just have to have faith he doesn't find te next Matt millien :-p.... I don't think he will.... I just want a guy with a fire in his belly with the will to win!
  9. DP21


    I don't know if he will become elite... But with some improvements I could see him at pro bowl level of play... He has the size for it.... Really I'm just happy he is already a solid enough starter... More then we can say about out last few draft picks... Gotta love upside
  10. I've been flipping and flopping over this for awhile but now that it's all said and done... I would take luck.. We will have to restructure and or release a lot of our beloved colts players... But a good draft with a couple fa moves... We could be on a huge upswing soon... And having him behind manning for a Year will only help luck... I don't know if I would have him sit any longer then that... Change is good... Just scary... And we needed change.. Thank you Irsay for making the right decision... I havent been this excited about a colts off season in 10 years
  11. Yea I agree.. Sitting for 2 years is asking a lot... I don't know if we could do three... But at that point manning would probably be ready to retire and or be traded
  12. I agree completely.... There is no reason they can't work together and it's looking more and more like that's going to happen... Like you said luck should feel privileged to learn behind someone great for a year or two... Look at Rodgers... Worked out great... But all in all if he is a professional he will do what he has to do... If god forbid you sit behind a future hall of famer... Then make the best of it and learn! But in my opinion we will have both on roster at the start of next season... It's the only play that makes sense
  13. You can please us all with a super bowl trophy
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