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  1. I really like this trade, it gives us that RB that can balance out our offense. I can understand why people are worried about giving up first round picks, but if you look at our first rounders over the last 10 years, they are not to impressive. 2003-Dallas Clark 2004-No pick 2005-Marlin Jackson 2006-Joseph Addai 2007-Anthony Gonzales 2008-no pick 2009-Donald Brown 2010-Jerry Hughes 2011-Anthony Costanzo 2012-Andrew luck 2013-Bjorn Werner Point is, none of these have been stars except for the obvious one. I think we made a good trade and Grigs has set us up nicely for the future.
  2. Just got on twitter for the first time.

    1. Coltssouth


      Just got a tweet from some girl wanting to hook up. Hello? I am a girl. Thanks but no thanks. Look out for spamming tweets!

    2. Susie Q

      Susie Q

      Thanks Coltssouth you made me spit my coffee on that one. Too funny...

  3. Perfect, it reinforces my point even more, not many players are going to risk 10's of millions of dollars in order to earn a degree That they potentially will not use by choice, or because they are playing in the NFL. Nothing Andrew Luck has said has made me believe that he will not sign with the Colts if drafted.
  4. I dont know how you can say with certainty that they can not coexist together. Peyton is as professional as any player in the NFL, and if healthy he starts no matter if they draft Luck or not. Luck strikes me as a different sort of guy, not the normal NFL players that is only worried about himself. This is a guy Who passed up being the #1 pick and going into a situation were he would probably be starting from day 1, and potentially injuring himself, which would plummet his draft stock, in order to play for a chance at winning a national title. Mind you he had nothing else to prove physically,
  5. Just because someone wants to draft Luck, they dont automatically have to be disloyal. Peyton is an immortal figure in the colts history, and in the history of the NFL, and no one wants to see the end of his career, ever. But, in football, people get old, and they eventually can not play the game of football anymore, and by drafting luck, you give yourself the best opportunity possible to continue the success you have had over the past 12 years. Everyone knows the draft is a crapshoot, but lets say we dont draft luck, and we go after a defensive player, whats to say he doesnt become a bust, or
  6. SEASON TEAM GP CMP ATT CMP% YDS AVG TD LNG INT FUM RAT 2011 IND 7 104 195 53.3 1,221 6.26 5 87 5 2 70.5 Here are Painters 2011 season stats, they are not pretty, the most alarming thing for me is the average yards per completion, which is at 6.26. That just shows me what we all have been saying which is Painters throws are mostly of the
  7. Collins will not start, the colts season is over, Kerry Collins was brought in to try and manage this team to a playoff berth, and now that we are 0-7 the colts are in the mode of checking there inventory. They are going to be looking at what they have in house and going to be playing a lot of young players, and painter is one of them.
  8. I think the reason no one has said he was on the hot seat because for the most part the colts have been playing hard. But after tonight that argument goes out the window. This looks like the point in the season were the team has given up, and everyone just went through the motions tonight.
  9. Whats worse than being 0-7. How about Dan orlovsky coming into a game and looking better than your starting QB.
  10. I have been as big a painter Critic as there has been, but he has played as well as could be expected, and yes they are 0-3 with either QB starting, but they have looked like a capable NFL offense,as opposed to what they looked like with Collins starting. Yes defense is a very important part of the game, but to say who your QB is does not matter is just asinin, because if peyton manning were playing we could possibly be 5-1. What this season has taught me so far is that me being a colts fan and having peyton manning as the QB of my team has spoiled me a little, and not having him playing reall
  11. I agree, if mathis is willing to take a home town discount, he will be back in a heartbeat. Saying that, premier pass rushers are a rarity, and one as good as Mathis is going to be able to command 6-8 million per year, if not more, and I just can't see the colts shelling out that kind of dough for mathis when they have Hughes waiting. Hughes needs to show why he was a first round pick, imo he has it in him, he just needs the playing time.
  12. Imo Hughes is the main reason why mathis won't be back next year, they invested a first round pick in the guy and if Mathis were resigned, Hughes would continue to sit every week, and prove that the colts do not believe in Hughes. As much ad the volts say they believe in Hughes still, only strengthens my belief that Mathis will be gone. I will definitely miss the combo of frathis, but all good things come to an end I guess. And do to the posting limit for new forum member, that will be my last post until 12:53 A.M.
  13. That is not a good sign when you realize how bad our secondary is, that he can't even crack the rotation.
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