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  1. If the Colts want to have any shot of ever winning a super bowl they need to fire Pagano and Grigson. The Colts for the last three years have almost exclusively relied on Luck to win games by making big plays down field. My case for firing Grigson is described below. The ciolts for the last three years have had no running game, a bad offensive line, an average receiving core, a defensive line that brings no pressure and a very mediocre to poor defensive secondary. Grigson traded away a first round pick for Trent Richardson who is now out of the game. Grigson has failed to put together a good offensive line to protect Luck or run the ball. Grignson has ignored the Bellechick rule by bringing in payers like Gore and Johnson who are much closer to the end of their career than the beginning. Grigson has an undersized and overpaid receiver in Ty Hilton on the payroll.Grigson does not know how to build through the draft. The Colts need to hire someone in the front toffice from Green Bay, the Seahawks, the Panthers, or the Bengals. They need to find a gm who knows how to pick third and fifth round gems. The recipe for winning when you have a good quarterback is to not make him carry the team on his back every game. A GM needs to build a defense that can win games on their own and needs to create a running game that takes the pressure off the quarterback by building a great offensive line. The reason the Colts are losing this year is because they are asking Luck to do too much. Luck is pressing and trying to do too much, It is very easy to beat the Colts because all you have to do is stop big pass plays down field. Now the reason Pagano has to be fired is because he has consistently failed to prepare his team. Since Pagano has been the coach the Colts have routinely come out flat and they have routinely fallen behind by big numbers. Then they ask Luck to bail them out by launching these huge comebacks. Pagano is not a great coach. Luck has made Pagano look like a better coach than he really is. I dont know who the Colts should hire right now but they might need a smart tough coach. The problem is that there is not a great pool of available great coaches out there. Harbaugh went to Michigan. Bowles went to the Jets. They need to bring in a smart tough coach if they want to compete for Super Bowls. So in closing get rid of Ryan Grigson and Pagano. If the Colts dont do that Luck should try to leave the Colts because the Colts are a sinking ship as currently configured. Maybe a young Josh Mcdaniels along with a very good defensive coordinator might do the trick. Maybe they should also ask Bill Polian for his advice on hiring.
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