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  1. I understand the rules allow for coaches to interview during the early part of the play-offs, I just don't think it is a good idea. I think the focus should be on the upcoming game, period. If a team wants a particular person, they will wait. You might say, if they wait they may lose him. If the coach says wait until I am through with this job I presently have (with massive responsibilities right now), I would call that "character." I hope this Cleveland things is not going to effect his ability to focus on Kansas City. You might say, don't worry about that, but to be honest, I am worrie
  2. whatever . . . but just for me, it says something! I never intended it to be deeply thought out and researched. I guess I am not really qualified to post on this website in spite of the fact that I have been a Colts fan since 1954. Sorry to embarrass you'll!
  3. Just a brief comparison between Manning’s Colts and Luck’s Colts: - two All-Pro pass-rushers vs. nearly non-existent pass rush - All- Pro LT vs. very god LT - All-Pro Center vs. not even sure who might start there - good to very good RT vs. struggling rookie LG - All-Pro running back vs. All-Pro aging veteran - Possible/probable HoF head coach vs. head coach working on one year contract - apparent miracle worker O-line coach vs. I have no idea ? - HoF GM vs. Grigson
  4. name-calling is different than booing! I knew the kind of response I would get from my post. I am a cultural freak . . . I am sick and tired of all the hate in politics, all the violence in computer games, movies, and TV shows, and all the name-calling that goes on in our culture. I love the Colts, have since 1954, but I don't appreciate the anger and mean-spirited expressions now becoming "normal" in sports.
  5. OK, everyone seems to think this beer can things is "a good thing," "funny," "creative," "whatever!" I am SO SICK AND TIRED of the hateful, mean-spirited culture we live in today . . . and this is just another example! "No big deal," you say. Well, now there will be more hateful remarks and chants directed at these players at both stadiums . . . it just fuels the hate. So, you think that's a good thing . . . I think it is just another example of how far our culture continues to sink. You say, "I am over-reacting," just look around, just listen, just observe all the violence and hate in ou
  6. It must have been around 1956 or so, when my hero was Buddy Young! Then came the 58' title game and I was sold. I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin. And back then, pro football fans in southern Wisconsin were mostly Chicago Bears fans until Alan Amache signed with the Colts. Then, many went with the Colts until the Packers got there act together. I remained loyal to the Colts to this day! Go Colts!
  7. The two Super Bowl loses are the worst for me: against the Jets (at the end of Unitas' career) and against New Orleans!
  8. I don't know what the Colts are up to. Maybe there's an NFL basketball league I am unaware of. All we need now is a couple of guards and we have a team . . . Reitz and Swoope are our forwards, Cox can play center, how about Hilton at one of the guards, I bet Davis could play the other guard, and of course, Luck would find his way onto the team at some position. Maybe Pollard would make a comeback . . . or . . . maybe he could coach! GO COLTS!
  9. With two first round picks in the last three years "inactive," what could we expect? We have been complaining about Werner and Richardson for months (years), and finally, the coaching staff (by their action) has confirmed our concerns. I personally like our GM, and Pagano is such a nice guy . . . but, those two "misses" in the draft have long range implications. No team can overcome TWO back-to-back misses and not be significantly effected. I hope Irsay takes a long hard look at where his team is, that's all I can say.
  10. Seems like many want to discount the Colts victory over Cincinnati because they were missing a few of their stars. Well, the fact is so were the Colts, as in Bradshaw, Ballard, Cherilus, and Thomas. But, we never hear anything about that. Interesting.
  11. I mentioned quite awhile ago how I thought the Colts had regressed and was called a "troll," and basically invited to stop sharing as a less than "faithful" fan. All at once my opinion is popular! They played much better last year, period! I have to blame it on the coaching staff. Pagano is a nice guy, but not a head coach.
  12. Sometimes I think the only people allowed to share here are "Homers." I don't consider myself a "troll," just a loyal fan (since 1954) who is concerned about how the ball club is playing. Why last year the Colts beat SF, Seattle, Denver, and KC. Who have they beat this year? I'm just wondering if I am the only "true fan" that has some concerns. Sorry if I don't always speak the "company line" as in, all is well, Colts are great, nothing to worry about!
  13. I would say the "Griffer" is a much better gamble in a critical game than Nicks . . . period!!!!
  14. When was the last game the Colts actually played well? I think we have to go all the way back to October 19 vs. Cincinnati. It seems like the Colts have regressed this year. What do you think?
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