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  1. Nobody is talking about this but our other teams in the afc south are building monster defense's to bang on the Colt's offense.I expect Houston and Jacksonville to be in the top 10 in defense so we have to keep tightening up our strengths as we bring up our weakness. I think our defense is already better (on paper) than last year so If we need one more piece to make our line elite we should do it imo. We have to worry about winning this division and it is going to be harder and harder to do with these defenses in the division.
  2. I do to, 100%! My main point with your post was that none of this is his fault. No one would fault him if he threw the ball out of bounds if no one was open, or just took off running because when he runs the defense has something else to account for, it makes them hesitate, But what he is doing is making bad choices and that is on him and even he would tell you that. I love this team, moreso than the player but I still believe he is the right guy, he has shown it in the past!!!!
  3. Then who is at fault for throwing interception after interception, who is at fault for staring down receivers, who is at fault for these horrible rookie mistakes. If you want to be honest, a play call for a franchise Qb is just a set of options, that's all. The Qb has to find the best of several options on each play, after the ball is snapped, he not doing that this year for what ever reason and everybody that watches football can see it except for a few fans that think it's somehow disloyal to say our Qb is not playing up to his potential right now. After Andrew takes the snap, Pep is out of
  4. Not trying to be funny, but isn't that the time for praise. The fact is most of us love the Colts win or lose, some express it with anger an make outrageous statements and because you don't criticize it somehow makes you a better fan. Not true. Andrew is not playing well, its true. It's the same offense that was leading the league for a while last year. It doesn't matter what Pep calls, Andrew is the last one with the ball in his hand before the throw. You gotta know Pep's intention was not for Andrew to throw passes into triple coverage with open receivers running free underneath!
  5. This!! Luck is the last one to have the ball, he can throw it to whomever he wants!!! It's not Peps fault for who Luck throws to!!! All the receivers are live!!! We need to stop throwing this all on Pep, A good QB scours the field and makes the best choice to be successful on every play! Our Qb is not making good choices, I can see this from my couch,I see the open underneath throws that he doesn't even look at, That's also part of Peps play call. On every play he has 2 or 3 options and he doesn't take the move the chain yardage always looking for chunk yardage. Pep ain't great, but most of
  6. Im going to go a step further since I'm out here. I don't think all that game plan fail is on Pep!!! When Matt played, the short passing game was in full effect, I think we can all agree on that. Well I don't know how many passes were batted down at line of scrimmage but I think it was at least 4. That's Andrew's version of that same passing game! They tried to give him some easy throws to get him going, but he was telegraphing those throws. He has to learn to look off defenses. The Dlineman found out that if they weren't getting there to just follow his eyes and bat it down. He had those guys
  7. I haven"t seen him drop a lot because he isn't thrown to a lot, when he has been thrown to I have seen enough to see he can still play! He , as many others have said, is open a lot in the flat areas and not given a look.That is where I expected him to make his money. My only point is even though I don't post I have been here since the 80's and I know that if a poster that everyone likes says something it gets repeated and becomes fact.AJ is not a burner he has to get accurate passing in the short areas to prosper and move the chains! Hey,Im not trying to do anything but present another point o
  8. Especially if you don't cater to what he does well. I thought he would be the possession guy, but the chemistry has to be off the charts to work.
  9. I haven't seen anyone post this, so I thought I would. Much has been made of AJ not contributing much since he's been here and most of the talk is centered on his ability or inability to get separation. The truth of the matter is that for AJ to effective, the quarterback has to be accurate!! He game is built on positioning, Like a power forward or center in hoops, when he has the defender pinned he has to receive the ball in the right place to have a clean entry. When the ball is behind him or not on time, you have a disconnect. Ironically that was one of the reasons AJ wanted to come to Indy
  10. Thank you, for understanding where I was coming from and not ripping my headoff. I figured it was frustration, but I thought I would ask respectfully because sometimes you can get in so deep on things that you lose your bearings. It didn't seem like you! Again,I probably won't post much, but I hope read many more inciteful posts from you! Go Colts
  11. I don't post much, but I am on here several times a day to stay up with everything. I wanted to see tonight if posters would put the blame where it should go or blindly blame the offensive line. That line held up against intense blitzing all game long !! Andrew was hit a few times and pressured a ot but he was bad today, very inaccurate and bad decisions. And wait, before you jump all over us that seen it true, he must get better if he is to reach the level that everyone has put him. With the blocking he got today Aaron Rodgers ,Brady, Rivers ,Brees or any top-notch QB would have shredded that
  12. Maybe he's late for meetings, disrespectful to authority, a lot of things could have got him pulled. Doesn't mean he was mistreated, it means we don't know what he did! Im in a small band and even tho a guy may be a good player, he can disrupt the harmony of the group for some of these reasons. Guys may not want to play next to him. Offensive lineman are tight, it would be easy to upset that group. It has to be something like this because the coaches are not dumb enough to not play him if he was working well for them. Im sure that the "one play, one td comment didn't help his cause! They bro
  13. You guys keep saying this ,but if the great ahmad bradshaw can run behind this line, then I imagine barry could scrape out a few yards also. Bradshaw did it two yrs in a row before getting injured. It's been right there in front of everyones eyes to see but few recognize this. The line has improved, it's not great by any means but a great back can run behind it. Good backs look for holes, great backs look for a crease.If you want to fix the run, you can try to get five good linemen to grow together and gel, ala Dallas, or you can get a decent line together and get a special back. There are a
  14. In my professional opinion, you couldnt be more wrong! I keep hearing how the running back is devalued, but if you look at Seattle they have one of the best young qb's in the game, who is more important? The beast! Brady didn't beat us, Blount did! We need to quit spouting out the same stuff people are saying and watch the game! If you have a great oline yes a 4th or 5th round runner will do great, but if you get a special back he can be more impactful than a qb because he impact the passing and the run game. Polian knew this, Irsay know's this and I hope Grigson knows this. That is why the tr
  15. Exactly, then you put in Herron and he will be even more effective cause the defense will be tired of tackling our monster back.
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