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  1. So much discussion over what we should do here. IMO if Alshon Jeffrey falls there we must take him. I'd take him over Hill and Wright. I, like most, don't see Fleener getting to us at 34. I think San Fran or NYG are likely to take him (Harbaugh likes two TE sets). Jenkins is a great prospect and if it comes down to him V Jeffrey it will be tough because CB is a HUGE need for us, and his character concerns are obviously a concern. Jeffrey was once touted as the #2 WR in the class before his stock dropping significantly after reported weight gain and general laziness....but the talent is the
  2. House, Car, Vegas baby!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I have always been a fan of Warren Sapp. His debates with Jamie Dukes on NFL Network are great to watch (mainly because i always agree with Sapp because Dukes' comments are always ridiculous). How does he run out of money? Ill never know.. but i hope he can recover from this.
  4. I very much like what Pagano brings to our team.... a great defensive mind who likes to innovate. I like it.
  5. Kendall Wright for mine. Hill was impressive at the combine but thats all we really have on him.
  6. I agree with most in saying that this team has way too many holes to realistically winning a superbowl anytime soon. Obviously we need to draft well thats a given (apart from the Manning pick) pretty much every pick since then in the first round has been disappointing to say the least. I think we need to find a DB in either free agency or via trade (hit Philly up for Brackett for one of their DB's, Samuel seems to be semi-keen to leave there anyway). Because even if we draft DB's even the best prospects (i.e. Patrick Peterson for the Cardinals, whilst he has made special teams plays, his pla
  7. We should try and trade for Asante Samuel, he isnt happy in Philly clearly. Would be a handy addition.
  8. Okay, I agree as much as the next person about how bad our secondary is and how CB is a graring need for this team. However, For all those saying we should use our first pick (1-5 overall wherever we finish up) on a corner IMO is madness. Drafting a rookie corner that highly is not going to immediately help our team. Look at Patrick Peterson for the Cardinals this year. He is touted as the best CB out since Revis and although he may still prove to be that, this season he (like all rookies) is leaking big plays against him. I am a beleiver that it is in the best interest for our team to trad
  9. I hope Fuller falls to us, I think he would be a great fit as a big bodied red zone WR
  10. I really do hope Fuller makes it to us in the 3rd!! Honestly, I see him as a early 2nd rounder.... but he would be a great fit for us
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