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  1. Curious you ignored the fact that Singletary is no longer a HC in this league. Plus I fail to see why you must compare coaching styles. All coaches have different personalities and it reflects in their coaching style. No one way is right. You wouldnt ask Dungy to behave like Harbaugh would you? Then why ask Pagano to act like someone he isnt either? You think the coaches have ignored that play in the film room? Has it crossed your mind that Greg Manusky and Chuck Pagano have likely called him out, in front of all his peers? Theres nothing like good old peer pressure to humble a man. Perhaps
  2. Plus Rhodes has not looked like a top 10 DB annd the only reason you wanted him was because he was a 6"1 200lb+ corner. Am I right?
  3. Well its a good thing he was drafted as a SAM backer then wasnt it?
  4. Nice stats. Can you show me some screen shots of this 1 man Oline your referring to? Or are you just completely writing off any and all possible impact of the other 4 linemen? Most importantly the 2 interior guards. There are much more variables then whose running the football. Which was the only one you actually held constant. You are resting your argument on 20% of the total line, as well as ignoring countless other variables that could factor into the argument... do you really expect me to take those stats seriously? Better question..do you really take those stats seriously?
  5. Difference being Donald Brown was getting 4-5 carries a game, not 25. Show me the season stats, lets see if Brown stacked up to those other guys... IF Donald Brown could have busted off big gains while picking up steady yards and being a dependable back that could carry that workload, then he'd still be on the team, TRich would be struggling in CLE and we wouldnt be having this conversation.
  6. Not all that uncommon nor that big of a problem from your 4th db. Just be glad its not our starters getting burned for a 100 in 5 min. Thats when ya got problems.
  7. "all of his good runs" yea?... all both of them? I didnt bring Trich into this conversation. Just saying using YPC to act like D Brown played great last half of the season is a subjective argument and should not be used objectively like you did.
  8. Which is exactly why you dont use YPC to measure a RB. Excluding a big run a game, he was right near the 3 ypc mark as well. In fact, apart from a 51 yard run against the Chiefs and a 26 yard run against the Texans, the only success he had was against Tennessee...and since I had already pulled up his stats I guess it wouldnt hurt to say that in 8 games last year basically half his yards each game (if not more) came off of 1 run, which of course inflated his YPC stat to the point where it looks impressive.
  9. " cant stand him!" ...So ill tune in next week. . Dont you see that is his game? He wants people to disagree with what he says and have that exact response right there. In fact, you could not have demonstrated how that man makes a living any better. Bravo.
  10. He has 4 plays over 40 yards, 15 over 20 and 43 first downs on 56 catches. Where do you think hes getting the bulk of his targets?
  11. yea.. Both those handoffs really hogged the stats.
  12. The average NFL career is 3 years. So all in all this is not out of the ordinary.
  13. True, but lets not down play that fumble recovery TD. Nor that shoestring tackle on Luck. Theres like 2-3 guys in the NFL that could make that tackle on Luck. Plus he had a couple of key knockdowns and blew up a few runs in the backfield. He had a good game. But as you said was blocked up and game planed for well and apart from those few hustle/freakish plays he didnt do much else.
  14. After re watching the game, thats how I saw it as well. The biggest loss last week was Thorntons "pull", if you will. They, for the most part refused to pull Louis (safe assumption is because he isnt that good at it). The handful of times they did pull, it was mostly from Mewhort, who as of yet is not a real quality pulling guard. As a result, they did a lot more basic down blocking schemes then usual, combine that with a great defensive front with aggressive playcalling and as you mentioned Cherilus's sloppy run blocking play its really not surprising they couldnt get over 100 last week. Ho
  15. Not only is that pure speculation, but I find it ironic that you are using a hit on Peyton to explain how bad Brady is getting hit. Perhaps you should show me the seemingly countless huge hits from this year on Brady that you have alluded to. Using a previous hit on Peyton as an example to say "this hit would have hurt Peyton" is probably the most backwards logic ive come across in a while.
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