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  1. Nope, ball was out! Good job D! Now it's time for a Painter led three and out...
  2. And like they didn't know Scam was gonna run on that short yardage down? Sheesh
  3. Horrible run defense those last two plays...like guys didn't know what was going on
  4. Hopefully they don't abandon the run like they usually do...
  5. I played four years of football in college...that's a little different than high school so I suggest you just stop. And to be perfectly honest, run blocking is not easier than pass blocking. LIKE I SAID IN MY POST...they are completely different skill sets. So exactly ONE lineman tells you it's easier so it must be gospel right? The portion of your post that I put in bold says it all...you have no experience but you claim to know everything there is to know because ONE lineman told you so. I think I just made my point...
  6. Man just stop talking. You have ZERO experience with blocking in any phase of the game...doesn't matter if you never did or wanted too, but yet you still want to act like you know something? You saying that what you said still stands...WITH NO EXPERIENCE...is asinine at best. I was a lineman for 8 years of my football career, from center to run/pass blocking TE. Run blocking is a completely different skill set than pass blocking. It has more to do with footwork and positioning than power...you make a wrong first step and guess what...YEP you're out of position. You see it all the time when O-lineman get lazy and a DT or DE gets in the backfield and blows up a play because of a wrong first step or being out of position at the snap of the ball. And so getting your hands under that chest area is a guarenteed block? Ya right. Try to stand straight up with your hands under some guys chest and see how far you can drive him if he's lower than you lol. It has nothing do with getting your hands under that guy...like I said if you had read my post. And you're d*** right lineman want to runblock. A successful running game gives lineman a sense of power and dominance, not to mention confidence, over the other team's defense. So much more than pass blocking. What you said before DOES NOT STILL STAND. I'll be the first to admit when I'm wrong and I sure as heck don't know everything, but you sir need to stop acting like you do. It's plainly obvious by your multiple posts that you do not.
  7. You've obviously never played a line position. It takes incredible technique to run block. You have to have very good footwork, excellent balance, and a low center of gravity. Getting underneath the defender and driving is critical...you can't just stand straight up and push. The first step an O-lineman takes off the snap is CRITICAL to a successful run block, especially if you're pulling. They need to explode off the ball. They even need to start with the correct foot depending on which way they're blocking too. There's even a certain way to pull off double-teams. You both just don't collide into the guy in front of you. You both need to be in the correct position and the correct lineman has to pull off and get to the next level to get a backer or DB. When that happens the guy left on the defender has to take over the rest of the block. I attended 4 lineman camps in my football career (3 in HS and 1 in college). We spent approximately 75% of our time on footwork, positioning, and TECHNIQUE. Just sayin...
  8. You think they could at least get Peyton a hat that fits his big ol' melon?
  9. Another pathetic display of quarterback and offensive line play...
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