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  1. I like the idea of Frank Gore. And possibly a cheap low risk high reward Wes Welker, looks like he wants to play. Could be a helping hand with playing NE as well as a champion veteran.
  2. With Drew Stanton gone, will Chandler Harnish become the new backup to Andrew Luck? This is of course if he is still available to us. Or is this another move best left to Free Agency and/or Draft? Just thought of switching it up for a change.
  3. Pessimism. A lot of people here are full of it after their optimistic hopes of big time (money) FA were gone.
  4. Jason La Canforaā€¸@JasonLaCanfora LaRon Landry very likely to sign with the Colts tonight. Would leave the 49ers and the next visit for Ed Reed if he doesn't sign with Texans
  5. Very anxious on the update of Chapman for next weeks NE game. So before someone else makes a new thread I will bump this one up. Any updates please let us know!
  6. WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH......WOAH! So you're for real, in all seriousness, all jokes aside, telling me that Ben Tate and Golden Tate are TWO different people?! Are they even related?
  7. No, me and the rest of America saw that happening against the Packers. http://youtu.be/V0p3lbaawPk
  8. Brad Pitt...no...just no. Well if Foster is out then Tate could push off one of our DBs and score TDs like he does so often and not get called.
  9. I'm calling it. My logic is on point tonight. Colts>Texans
  10. Week one we lost to the Bears, who lost to Green Bay but beat Jacksonville. We lost to Jacksonville, who beat Minnesota who lost to us. Today, we lost to the Jets, who beat Miami and Buffalo but lost to the Texans. And tonight the Texans lost to Green Bay. So we're better than the Texans right? "While today it might be me...we all shall fall."
  11. Both impressive and exciting. Really looking forward to his career with the Colts.
  12. How bad do we want players that are cut post salary cap trimming? There must be a reason they didn't make the roster in other teams.
  13. I also believe that at this time our need at NT should be over CB. How to best address that is up in the air however.
  14. I would have to agree with you, however, rebuilding from youth wouldn't necessarily mean not having/completely cutting out experience. i.e. Wayne, Redding. With that said, this trade doesn't fit our budget. A solid CB pick in the draft is definitely needed. Eagles already have Babin and I believed locked Cole to a longer deal this off-season. So their need at DE as expensive as Freeney is not there.
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