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  1. arnt they both LT??? Anthony hasnt been horrible but we just signed him to an extension this past offseason. I If we are "players" I think we need a better Right Guard. a Right Guard is more important than a LT. Just my two cents
  2. lets trade luck to denver for manning LOL seriously It isnt luck. The dude is being pressured the whole game. He has like 2 seconds to make a throw without a hand in his face or a body wrapped around his body. The blame of this is the GM and coaching staff. The GM because he has yet to get a line to protect LUCK and the coaching because this team is not disciplined
  3. The colts will lose and people will start freaking out. It's preseason we always lose in preaseason.
  4. ill be happy as long as no injuries. oh yea cant wait for the colts to go 0-3 and the fans thinking the whole world is falling down tell me the colts cared about preseason to win those games again??
  5. i believe its the 1995 playoff loss to the steelers and the 2005 lost to the steelers.
  6. I personally would love SUH, bush, McPhee (as long as we dont over pay for for him) Marshall to me is just another TO. no thanks
  7. not even a 5th round. Maybe a 7th. Dont need his attitude in locker room
  8. he is the best return guy we have had in a long time. Keep him
  9. who says Suh wont be another Haynesworth or Corey Simon????
  10. get use to it cause its going to happen for the next 10 years. Wilson is a great qb and so is Luck. Its the newer version of Brady vs Manning
  11. thats all the NFL and Goodell will do to the pats.
  12. thats what Baltimore said
  13. Remember draft young oline men takes time in the NFL to develop. Look at Dallas they drafted linemen each first draft I believe the last 3 4 years and they are now a great offensive line
  14. I don't think luck is a money hungry dude. I think he would do what's best for the team.
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