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  1. No way this should be surprising, especially to an owner and NFL level doctors. Told my neighbor before the season started he wouldn't play at all. Had a labrum SLAP repaIr surgery myself January of 10'. Couldn't throw a ball without pain for whole year. Just had to play through it and it's still not the same. Bicep tendon tightens after surgery and can take a while to loosen back up. Told me right up front before surgery it may take a year to heal fully and regain full strength. Just an owner, a team and a fan base being overly optimistic about a quick recovery with an already known long ter
  2. Let's see, the defense has played well early and given our offense the ball with early turnovers and the chance to go up big in the first or second quarter two games in a row. However, the offense has said, no thanks, we prefer to kick a fg or just give it right back. So then the D says, HA! gonna need to score 50 then gentleman. Plus remember this is still Peps offense, just a different guy ruining it. This is a collective effort to suck as of late, not one particular side. Tough to watch.
  3. Anybody who actually watches and doesn't have rose colored glasses on should know this by now. The proof of this being a Luck issue should have been made known to the world by JJ Watt. He never laid a hand on old Matt. Andrew's been wearing a Watt jersey for two games a year since he's been here.
  4. I thought the same thing yesterday. The reaction from Gore yesterday after Luck overthrew him again on a easy screen was obvious frustration. They signed here for a great QB, a solid organization and a legitimate chance at a SB. They are 0-3 so far.
  5. No catch. It's at his hands up at his chest when he first touches it then it slides under him to his waist while touching the ground. While I think he did have control of it, the fact that it moved from one spot to another while touching the ground even though his hands were around it will get the incomplete call every time. If it had not shifted while still touching the ground then I think the catch is upheld. Still, to even make the catch on that throw a possibility was amazing.
  6. He may not be explosive but he's the best we've had since probably good ole Clarence many years ago. You don't need explosive anymore, you need reliability with glue paper for hands and a nice 10-15 yarded now and then and he is that..but nothing more. Fine by me.
  7. Took the jags with the points already in my Pick em pool. If that's what it takes for us to blow em out.. I'll take one for the team.
  8. The problem I have with pep is the seeming lack of ability to adapt from plays or formations early that set up other plays from the same set later. While I loved the run plays from the unbalanced line, a play action off that somehow later would have had them all in a tither. There was an old basic computer program when I was in school that included an "if" "then" command to make it work properly. That applies in today's check with me offense. "If" you do this "then" we'll do that. Pep just says we're doing this over and over and "if" it works, great, if not "then" well darn it we tried, g
  9. Several things stuck out after the game to me. 1. The unbalanced line worked great.. For a time..I found myself seeing it and saying ok we are gonna do something play action off this now and it will be perfect .. Never happened .. this is on pep for not having something else to run off that. 2. Manuskys play call on 3 and 15 when McCoy ran for the first down. Henoc was running backwards for the deep cover two zone like a kid after the ice cream truck before the line was even set to run a play. The holes in that zone defense screamed "please run" here. 3. Luck is not progressing and "coverin
  10. Maybe we should all just give a guy or two a chance. Mathis, Saturday , Bethea and now Freeman were all low expectation players and now look what they have done. Give a couple guys a shot and see what they can do before we hang em for all these " proven guys" that most seem to think we just have to sign or we are doomed for failure. I understand the comfort of having this guy or that guy,but teams are not built long term by this route.
  11. Ok then let's take that 4 yard avg and look at it a couple different ways. 1. How many carries did Trent gain 4 or more yards? 2. What was your reaction when Trent did get a carry of 4 or more yards? I know my first reaction was "holy ;$:$ he got 4 yards!" Not what you want to be saying for your bowling ball of knives or whatever Pagano said. Anyway getting off topic way to much so I'm done now.
  12. My statement with Choice was not to say he was a better overall back. My point was that all our backs except Trent were somewhat productive behind this crappy line, even Choice in limited carries. Trent, in my opinion,was not a productive back. Maybe Trent should have got garbage time carries to boost his confidence. . I hope Trent figures it out just as much as everyone else, and I'm not a hater, I just think to let the guy that produced more then any back on your roster to walk would be foolish.
  13. We need to re-sign DB. Vic off injury, Bradshaw off injury and a FA and Trent is Trent. The only guy that produced all year was DB. Heck Choice even looked better then Trent. Like it or not DB fits this offense that we ran the last half of the year and he is the only big play RB we had. Vic nor Trent will break off a 60 yd run or catch. But stubborn will be stubborn, and maybe they think we can win with Trent and his 2.5 ypc and a pile of bodies. Me thinks not, but I'm just a dum farmer.
  14. As bad as its been, it's only 9 points, but it does seem like more. Now if our "second half team" comes out of the locker room, I like our chances.
  15. Its a non-issue and I hope Ty self promotes himself at least 3 times Saturday and Rogers is running behind him doin the "TY" on every one.
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