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  1. Vontae is a top corner in the league, but had Winston been more accurate, he would have been that trash can today. I don't think he's a 100% judging from the way he was running and getting beat. A more accurate QB would've ate him alive today. Hope he gets better soon.
  2. In case we can't resign TY after all of these big contracts we're about to pay out.
  3. I really like him as a possession guy. Only problem is that he's been injury prone a lot lately.
  4. One game and everyone wants to get rid of a guy who coordinated us into being a top 3 offense all season. And did so with a mediocre, at best, run game and consistently makeshift offensive line. Why exactly would we want Chud to be the OC when Pep is doing just fine.
  5. RUSHING STATS SEASON TEAM GP ATT YDS AVG LNG TD FD FUM LST 2010 TB 13 201 1,007 5.0 53 6 38 3 2 2011 TB 14 184 781 4.2 54 5 32 3 2 2012 TB 13 41 151 3.7 35 2 7 0 0 2013 NE 16 153 772 5.0 47 7 35 3 2 2014 NE 5 60 281 4.7 34 3 14 0 0 2014 PIT 11 65 266 4.1 50 2 16 1 1 Career 72 704 3,258 4.6 54 25 142 10 7 I just don't know how you guys are calling a 4.6 ypc average guy a bum. Other than Tampa, he's never been a feature back for a full season. But this guy is far from a bum.
  6. I wouldn't do this. The way RB are being drafted now, you can get a good one late. I think you have to go DL or OL with our 1st pick and maybe the 2nd pick also. Herron's play made this possible.
  7. He has a career 4.6 ypc average. It's more than just our defense that he has been running over.
  8. I just don't get it. He was exactly the kind of back that Pep needed to run the power scheme it wants to run, but they just paid no attention to that. They had plenty of time to see that Trent wasn't working out, so they couldn't use that for an excuse.
  9. He actually ran good in a lot of games with the Steelers. He just had Bell in front of him, which never allowed him to get that much time on the field.
  10. When he became a free agent after being cut by the Steelers, did we take a look at him or did he decide to sign back with NE, regardless of what team was looking at him? We were trying to establish a power run game and it wasn't working at that point, so I'm not sure why we wouldn't give him a look after seeing what he did to us before. Despite our horrible line, he seemed like he would of been an excellent pickup, at least for this year. I remember a few comments in here saying we didn't want that trash, etc, etc... Well we sure could have used that trash for some of these games. I know our l
  11. LOL. Besides Davis, I don't know what you think we have out there that would have made any other DC look better. At the end of the day, the PATS just had more talent than us. We could've had the best DC of all time on our sideline, we just don't have the personnel to match them right now.
  12. Huh, what are you talking about? First off, where in my topic am I getting mad about anything? And please tell me where I tried to make it a bad thing that he used that play. The question is, do you think he was use the play again? And do you think we're preparing for it? Honestly, did you read the topic all the way through?
  13. Well it seems as if the "genius" BB, isn't as smart as people are giving him credit for. It appears that he's "stolen" this play or idea from another coach. And apparently, this play has been ran numerous times before in college. http://nypost.com/2015/01/12/belichick-likely-got-trick-play-from-another-evil-football-genius/
  14. During Tom Brady's press conference after the BAL game, he was asked about the "trick" formation play that they used. He answered the question the same way every other PAT player and coach did, by saying it was a legal play. But he said something at the end that stood out to me that I'm not sure if anyone else caught. He said, "I'm sure we'll have something new next week," with a slight smirk on his face. So my question is, do you think BB will use this play again or some slight variation of it? Also, do you think our coaching staff have our players practicing and preparing for it? I think Pag
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